Its a Matt (LolBishNom)

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Its a Matt (LolBishNom)

Post  LolBishNom on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:31 am

Q1 Name: Matthew
Q2 Age: 15
Q3 Male/Female: Male
Q4 Where are you from: Born in the USA, but currently living in London
Q5 Eye-Colour: Blue or green, depends on the level of sunlight
Q6 Hair-Colour: Brown
Q7 Your Job/School-Class: Y11
Q8 Hobbies: Rugby
Computer games
Annoying the hell out of kieran (once i did it so well he throw a remote at my head Very Happy)

~ Have you ever / Do you have... ~

Q1 Been Drunk?: Nope. Only had my first full beer like 3 weeks ago :3
Q2 Broke yourself some bones?: My little toe
Q3 A Girl/Boy Friend?: Nuh uhhhhh
Q4 Cheated in Tests?: Probably. Although im usually the one who lets people copy from Smile

~ What's your Favorite... ~

Q1 Thing to eat: Chinese foods
Q2 Thing to drink: Dr. pepper
Q3 Colour: Red
Q4 Animal: Dawgie
Q5 Sport: Rugby (although basketball is getting close)
Q6 Game: Annoy kieran till he gets angry Smile1
Q7 Smell: Lynx ish stuff
Q8 School Subject: Maths
Q9 Band/Group: Uhhhh. Rise against
Q10 Song: The Dirty Youth - Fight
Q11 Book/ Comic: no idea. I don't really read
Q12 Cartoon: [older episodes of] Scooby doo / TMNT
Q13 Film: not a clue
Q14 Word: Discombobulate (confuse someone)

~ When you see/hear/read following words, what comes into your mind ~

Q1 Sex: Please?
Q2 Pokemon: Muhr fuggin Squirtle
Q3 Girls: Ohhai
Q4 Boys: O.o
Q5 Black: colour
Q6 Santa Clause: ITS ALL A LIE Smile
Q7 Cookie: Monster
Q8 Money: I would like
Q9 Poo: Maple laptop times >=]

~ Some random questions ~

Q1 The Most terrible feeling: Waking up for school thinking its Friday and its not D:
Q2 First thought in the morning: Get outta bed
Q3 How long does your phone ring before you get to it?: Depends on who it is. Anywhere from never to as soon as i hear it
Q4 Do you sleep with your Stuffed Animal: No. But i have a stuffed polar bear on my dresser
Q5 What are you wearing in bed?:
Q6 What colour would you have if you were a chalk?: Blue
Q7 If you see a person of opposite gender~ what are you looking at?: A person
Q8 Something you definitely want to do in your life: Make moneys
Q9 What will you do after this?: Shower then sleep

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Re: Its a Matt (LolBishNom)

Post  Kierie on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:40 am

I thought I smelt something.

LolBishNom wrote:Q8 Hobbies: Annoying the hell out of kieran (once i did it so well he throw a remote at my head Very Happy)

IT WAS A GREAT THROW. Left handed too. *proud Smile1*

Not as Noob
Not as Noob

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