Introduction form

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Introduction form

Post  Joncwl on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:29 pm

why not let us know who you are!?
You Can use this form and make a new topic

Q1 Name:
Q2 Age:
Q3 Male/Female:
Q4 Where are you from:
Q5 Eye-Colour:
Q6 Hair-Colour:
Q7 Your Job/School-Class:
Q8 Hobbies:

~ Have you ever / Do you have... ~

Q1 Been Drunk?:
Q2 Broke yourself some bones?:
Q3 A Girl/Boy Friend?:
Q4 Cheated in Tests?:

~ What's your Favorite... ~

Q1 Thing to eat:
Q2 Thing to drink:
Q3 Colour:
Q4 Animal:
Q5 Sport:
Q6 Game:
Q7 Smell:
Q8 School Subject:
Q9 Band/Group:
Q10 Song:
Q11 Book/ Comic:
Q12 Cartoon:
Q13 Film:
Q14 Word:

~ When you see/hear/read following words, what comes into your mind ~

Q1 Sex:
Q2 Pokemon:
Q3 Girls:
Q4 Boys:
Q5 Black:
Q6 Santa Clause:
Q7 Cookie:
Q8 Money:
Q9 Poo:

~ Some random questions ~

Q1 The Most terrible feeling:
Q2 First thought in the morning:
Q3 How long does your phone ring before you get to it?:
Q4 Do you sleep with your Stuffed Animal:
Q5 What are you wearing in bed?:
Q6 What colour would you have if you were a chalk?:
Q7 If you see a person of opposite gender~ what are you looking at?:
Q8 Something you definetly want to do in your life:
Q9 What will you do after this?:

stole from hellbound forums <3333

Getting There...
Getting There...

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