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Forum Rules

Post  Smatt on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:04 pm

If you are using these forums, You agree to these terms of use. Any misuse and breaking of rules will result in warnings and eventually IP Bans.

This forum is for Euphoria, The Omen union, any friends of union and also other Maplestory Players. This is so that everyone can get to know one another, we can talk to eachother and share many things.

None Union members are welcome to use the forums.


* Please use your In-game name while registering on the forums if possible, and list your characters and guild on your profile. We want to know who you are!

* No forum account sharing
If anyone is caught sharing forum accounts then they will be instant banned from using these forums and put on the forum blacklist. It may also result in a kick from the guild if necessary.

* Keep it civil; no personal assaults or flaming is allowed. No drama-llamas are allowed. General good behaviour is expected as well, of course!

* No unnecessary spamming.

* Have Fun!

Failure to follow the rules, will result in a warning then depending on the seriousness a ban from the forums or even a kick from the guild.

If you need any more information about the rules of this board, then contact either myself or another Admin / Mod

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