Mr Desch Uchiha'z Intro~

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Mr Desch Uchiha'z Intro~

Post  DeschUchiha on Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:50 pm

Q1 Name: Lemol Dan Fernandez
Q2 Age: 21
Q3 Male/Female: I'ma real boy!
Q4 Where are you from: South East United kingdom, just north of London
Q5 Eye-Colour: Brown
Q6 Hair-Colour: Brown yet again
Q7 Your Job/School-Class: Currently an Apprentice electrician
Q8 Hobbies: Maple,Games,more maple..i like indoors activities atm xD

~ Have you ever / Do you have... ~

Q1 Been Drunk?: Last night...eep.
Q2 Broke yourself some bones?:My nose about 6 times, and my ankle xD
Q3 A Girl/Boy Friend?: Bit nosey (;
Q4 Cheated in Tests?: It's worked for 15 years...

~ What's your Favorite... ~

Q1 Thing to eat: Beans a fecking sausages! xD
Q2 Thing to drink: Alchohol...
Q3 Colour: Dark Blue
Q4 Animal: Golden Eagle.
Q5 Sport: Footballll~
Q6 Game:ily Square Enix <3
Q7 Smell: Calvin Klein EUPHORIA or Amarni code~ <3
Q8 School Subject: Maths <3
Q9 Band/Group: Paramore~
Q10 Song: Take care~ Drake ft Rihanna
Q11 Book/ Comic: Manga <3
Q12 Cartoon: ed,edd and eddy!
Q13 Film: HANGOVER! <3
Q14 Word: dafuq?

~ When you see/hear/read following words, what comes into your mind ~

Q1 Sex: ....Liar.
Q2 Pokemon: Raichu!
Q3 Girls: Hi... Smile1
Q4 Boys: Yo... Smile
Q5 Black: Like my heart!
Q6 Santa Clause: get the feck outta my house xD
Q7 Cookie: monster! COOKIESSS!!!
Q8 Money: gimme.
Q9 Poo: ...dont mind if i do~

~ Some random questions ~

Q1 The Most terrible feeling: Hmm...bangin' your toe on the side of something..ALWAYS DO IT.
Q2 First thought in the morning: cant be bothered with work..
Q3 How long does your phone ring before you get to it?: sometimes i dont get to it. bwaha Smile
Q4 Do you sleep with your Stuffed Animal: old dog ate him.. Q5 What are you wearing in bed?: Calvin klein Pj's xD
Q6 What colour would you have if you were a chalk?: Rainbow chalk! -cheats-
Q7 If you see a person of opposite gender~ what are you looking at?: Face..for the first few seconds...
Q8 Something you definetly want to do in your life: Frequent trips to America to explore the state
Q9 What will you do after this?: Log onto maple~

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Re: Mr Desch Uchiha'z Intro~

Post  Hollybear on Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:22 pm

Q10 Song: Take care~ Drake ft Rihanna
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Not as Noob

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