Iggy has in intro.

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Iggy has in intro.

Post  Noxal on Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:19 pm

I'm too lazy to rewrite it so I'll just copypaste from HB's forums,although I'll change a few things xD

Name: Ignas
Age: 19
Male/Female: Male
Where are you from:England
Eye-Colour: Green
Hair-Colour: Brown,but i dye it black
Your Job/School-Class: Freedom Fighter
Hobbies: Maplestory,Starcraft 2,hanging out with mates and going to parties is basically all i do.Sad life yeah,but im happy!

~ Have you ever / Do you have... ~

Been Drunk?:Who hasnt!
Broke yourself some bones?: Nope
A Girl/Boy Friend?:No
Cheated in Tests?:Nope

~ What's your Favorite... ~

Thing to eat: Spaghetti and meatballs
Thing to drink: Coffee,Water or Jack Daniels and Coke
Colour: Black
Animal: Siberian Husky,the blue eyes omg <3
Sport:American football,FMX,Rally
Game:S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
School Subject: Science and Geography 'cos my teacher was haaaawt
Band/Group:Rise Against
Song: Less Than Jake-Rest of my life
Book/ Comic: I honestly cant remmember the last time ive read a book/comic.
Cartoon: Dragonball/Z/GT/Movies has to be my favourite
Film: Back to the Future trilogy <3
Word: Toodles Very Happy

~ When you see/hear/read following words, what comes into your mind ~

Sex: Yes please!
Pokemon:Ahaha first thing that came to mind was Yogcast video on charizard...hahah charlizzard Very Happy
Girls: Sammiches <---I blame 4chan :|
Boys: Boyz 2 Men
Black: Back in Black album by AC/DC
Santa Clause: CHRISTMAS!!!
Cookie: Monster
Money: Entertainment
Poo: Ratemypoo.com ...dont ask lols

~ Some random questions ~

The Most terrible feeling: Letting someone down
First thought in the morning:Could be anything depending what i wake up to,but on a normal day something along ''why am i up at this time'' lines
How long does your phone ring before you get to it?: Depends how far away it is from me,or who is calling me
Do you sleep with your Stuffed Animal:Nope
What are you wearing in bed?: Just underwear
What colour would you have if you were a chalk?: Lime,i always like the way it looked on a blackboard Smile
If you see a person of opposite gender~ what are you looking at?: Eyes,Hair and How they dress
Something you definetly want to do in your life: I live by the day really,but i would like to join the Royal Marines at some point
What will you do after this?:Go get something to eat,got dem munchies Smile


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