Cwkpq 5 Man run guide

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Cwkpq 5 Man run guide

Post  Smatt on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:27 am

You only actually need 5/6 people to do CWKPQ and not the stated 10.
Sounds weird right?

As long as:

- Each of the 5/6 runners is a Unique Job [aka 1 Mage/Pirate/Thief/Bowman/Warrior].
- Each runner or multiple runners has several different chars of DIFFERENT jobs that are eligble for the PQ.


~ Gather at the Entrance to the PQ with your party of 5 and then begin the register.
~ Log off and log onto your character thats a Different job [while Exped lead stays online]
~ Add them to Exped into 2nd party and Register with them.
~ Exped leader does the same if needed [in the process passing on Exped lead temporarily]
~ The PQ Squad list well then say you have the 10 required to enter the PQ and the game will also recognise that the Chars fit the Job Requirement.

REMEMBER: You only have 5 minutes to log onto your alts to register and then back to your intended CWKPQ run chars.

Things to Note:

As I said, not every character needs to have an alternative char.
One player could have 3 alts with cover the requirement.
As an example:

ME, Jon, 10thSpirit, Evilshoot and Dhilan could all do a 5 man CWKPQ.

ME - Mage / Bowman / Thief
Jon - Mage / Bowman
10th - Warrior / Pirate
Evilshoot - Warrior / Pirate
Dhilan - Mage / Thief / Bowman

Ticks all the Char req boxes ^^^^^^^^


Just a Heads up for those who would love to CWKPQ, but cannot be bothered to deal with the fuss of 10+ players or the stress in organising it.

GL and HF.


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