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Battle mage guide

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:41 am

before you read this you should know i didnt make i copy and pasted from some place!!
You will see within this guide things saying sorry visitor or w/e i cba to filter them out im lazy !
This is a guide for Battle mages, probs the best ive seen so far so i thought i would place it here for all BaM goers to read and ponder upon have fun!

++Generic Introduction++
Hello ya'll. As you can probably tell, this is a guide on how to spend your BaM's SP appropriately. I decided to make this guide after seeing the sad amount of clear SP guides on the section, while the Wild Hunter class already has its guide in place and sticky'd. Hopefully this will help clear up some confusion.
What you can expect, and no more: A calculation of Battle Mage Sp, and where to spend it for the greatest efficiency.

~Some Notes~

• None of this information is necessarily true. Yes, I know there is very little chance of this, but you never know. Nexon America might decide to change some of the skills before they release BaM's to GMS. Once again, the probability of this happening is very, very low.
• Resistance classes get 5 Sp at level 10 and 3 Sp at their 3rd job advancement, as opposed to 1 Sp at level 10 and 70. As for their 4th job advancement Sp, I'm not sure. I'm just going to assume they gain 3 Sp at their advancement, like all the other non-resistance classes.
• Resistance cannot put Sp into earlier or later skillbooks. For example, you can't spend your Sp from 3rd job on 4th job skills nor 2nd job skills.
• None of the Resistance get mounts.
• This is before the "Reorganization" update. GMS still has a long way to go before getting this, but eh...just putting it out there.

Your First Advancement As a Hardcore Mage
Awesome! You went through the Resistance tutorial and became a BaM. You probably realized you can max all three mini-skills before advancing, which I find very exciting.

~1st Advancement Skills~

Triple Blow- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 20, 105% Damage each hit for three hits, Hits 6 mobs at all levels
Your main attacking skill until 2nd job.

The Finisher- Max Level 10
Lvl10-- Mp- 30, 340% Damage, Hits 6 mobs at all levels, Ignores 20% of enemy's defence
You can only use this skill after casting your blow-type skill. Its damage increases alongside the different blow skills.

Teleport- Max Level 15
Lvl15-- MP- 22, 144 Distance
Just plain old teleport, only with less distance and more Mp usage than a normal mage.

Dark Aura- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 30m, +10% Damage for the whole party
The reason why most people will grow to love BaM's. This skill stays on until you log out, which is great if you don't like recastng buffs. You can cancel the skill by casting it again.
UPDATE: Apparently the buff disappears for the whole party if the original caster leaves. The BaM also has to be in the same map for the aura to take effect.

~Skill Build~

65 Sp given in total.

-Lvl 10: 3B +4, Finisher +1
-Lvl 11: 3B +3
-Lvl 12: 3B +3
-Lvl 13: 3B +3
-Lvl 14: 3B +3
-Lvl 15: 3B +3
-Lvl 16: 3B +1 (Maxed), +2 Dark Aura
-Lvl 17: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 18: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 19: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 20: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 21: +3 Dark Aura
-Lvl 22: +3 Dark Aura (Maxed)
-Lvl 23: +3 Tele
-Lvl 24: +3 T3le
-Lvl 25: +3 Tele
-Lvl 26: +3 Tele
-Lvl 27: +3 Tele (Maxed)
-Lvl 28: +3 Finisher
-Lvl 29: +3 Finisher
-Lvl 30: +3 Finisher (Maxed)

In the end: All skills maxed.

Explanation: This is a pretty straightforward stage in your BaM carreer. You max Triple Blow first, because it's your main attacking skill, and get 1 Finisher for a little bit of oomph to your attacks (it already does 268% damage at lvl 1). Then you max Dark Aura. I didn't think it would be more useful than Finisher this early on, but majority rules. Max Teleport next, because you'll use it more often than Finisher. Last but not least is Finisher.

• You can get 1 into tele early on if you want, I simply found it a waste of Mp (it uses 50 Mp at lvl 1). However, if you don't mind using all those pots, then go for it.
• I heard Blue Ribbon Pigs were a great sourse of Exp in your 1x~2x's. I also heard Stone and Mixed golems will be equally great for late 2x.
• That's right, there is no magic guard. You might feel a little uncomfortable if you play a lot of mages. This is made up for by the amount of HP BaM's gain naturally as they level.

More Auras!
Huzzah, you made it to level 30! Based on some of the videos I saw of the job advancement, you first have to talk to that tall man with a top hat and ravishing mustache. Then go talk to your job instructor. He/she will tell you to beat up another man with a mustache named Schiller and bring back the black thing he drops. That's pretty much it.

~2nd Advancement Skills~
Quad Blow- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl 20 3B
Lvl20-- MP- 30, 110% Damage each hit for four hits, Hits 6 mobs at all levels
Replaces 3B.

Staff Mastery- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- +50% Staff Mastery, +10 MATT, +40% crit rate
A mastery like any other class, only for BaM's. It also gives magic attack, which pretty much gives the same effects as weapon attack after Big Bang. It also gives an amazing crit rate boost, although it doesn't raise the minimun crit damage.

Dark Chain- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 30, 310% Damage, Hits 6 mobs at all levels, Stuns for 4 seconds
In my opinion, this is a pretty sweet skill. It's like a bucc's Snatch, and has a nice range.

Blue Aura- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 42, 30% of received damage is distrubuted among party members, 20% of that damage is absorbed
What this skill does is take 30% of the damage that you took and distributes it evenly among your party members. However, 20% of the damage that was distributed is absorbed. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right interpretation, and if someone can prove otherwise, that would be great. This is an eeehhh~ skill. It might be useful if someone in your party can't tank a hit from a monster or a boss. However, it can potentially kill you if someone takes a hit, and you happened to have low HP at that moment. You can cancel the skill by casting it again.

Yellow Aura- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 18, +20 Movement speed, +1 level of weapon attack speed
Great for a boost in attacking speed. Your slow warrior friends might love you even more than they already do.

Blood Drain- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 66, buff lasts for 120 seconds, 5% of damage will be returned to you as HP
Saves pots. It cannot give back more than 10% of your HP.

Staff Boost- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl. 5 Staff Mastery
Lvl20- MP- 20, Lasts for 90 seconds
Regular booster. The level of attacking speed it gives stays the same at all levels.

~Skill Build~

123 Sp given in total.

-Lvl 30: +1 4B, +1 Dark Chain, +1 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 31: +3 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 32: +1 Staff Mastery (5), +2 Booster
-Lvl 33: +3 Booster
-Lvl 34: +3 Booster
-Lvl 35: +2 Booster (10), +1 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 36: +3 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 37: +3 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 38: +3 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 39: +3 Staff Mastery
-Lvl 40: +2 Staff Mastery (Maxed), +1 4B
-Lvl 41: +3 4B
-Lvl 42: +3 4B
-Lvl 43: +3 4B
-Lvl 44: +3 4B
-Lvl 45: +3 4B
-Lvl 46: +3 4B (Maxed)
-Lvl 47: +3 Blood Drain
-Lvl 48: +3 Blood Drain
-Lvl 49: +3 Blood Drain
-Lvl 50: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 51: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 52: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 53: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 54: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 55: +3 Dark Chain
-Lvl 56: +1 Dark Chain (Maxed), +2 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 57: +3 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 58: +3 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 59: +3 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 60: +3 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 61: +3 Yellow Aura
-Lvl 62: +3 Yellow Aura (Maxed)
-Lvl 63: +3 Booster
-Lvl 64: +1 Booster (14), +2 Blue Aura
-Lvl 65: +3 Blue Aura
-Lvl 66: +3 Blue Aura
-Lvl 67: +3 Blue Aura
-Lvl 68: +3 Blue Aura
-Lvl 69: +3 Blue Aura
-Lvl 70: +3 Blue Aura (Maxed)

In the end:
Maxed 4B
Maxed Staff Mastery
Maxed Dark Chain
Maxed Yellow Aura
Maxed Blue Aura
14 Booster
9 Drain

You can leave Drain at 5, and put the rest of that Sp into Booster if you're the thinking ahead type.

Explanation: Get one point into 4B, because even at level 1 it outdamages 3B. Also get one into Dark Chain to reduce the amount of time tele'ing/walkng to mobs, and one into mastery, because we need to get it to 5 to get Booster. After getting Mastery to 5 we're getting booster to 10 for it to last exactly one minute. Afterwards is finishing staff mastery, for more stable damage and more crits. Next is 4B, because of obvious reasons. We're leaving blood drain at 9 because at that level it converts 3% of your damage into HP.Before you hate on this choice, scroll down to the "Regarding Blood Drain" bullet. Then Dark chain, for more damage and longer stuns, Yellow Aura, for a speed boost if you feel like it, and then get some more points into Booster (14), which now lasts for 72 seconds. The rest of your 20 SP goes into (eeeeeh~) Blue Aura.

Alternative Skill Build
sha969696 came up with this. This seems like a more direct way of going about your second job.

sha969696: 2nd job:
[Well put 1 sp in dark chain and then] Quad Blow -> Staff Mastery -> Staff Booster [MAX] -> Dark Chain -> Yellow Aura -> Blue Aura -> Blood Drain [3 nooby sp]
Explanation: I won't try to explain this, seeing as how it's not mine.

• CPQ is your best friend from 3x~50. Seriously, grinding on max rombots is pretty sweet, and with that EXP bonus at the end and all those maple coins at your disposal, there isn't much of a reason to not use this PQ.
• Apparently the CD's in that Kerning City mall place is also a good place to train at around 3x~4x. If the people in CPQ are just grinding your gears, you can try ths place. The quest line there also gives a +1 all stat earring.
• I cannot put into words how amazing Stairway to the Sky I is from mid 4x~5x. I got a level every 20-30 minutes, and I'm a pretty slow grinder.
• Regarding Blood Drain and Booster
You might be thinking, gee guide author, why are you leaving blood drain at such a low level, even after you bashed Blue Aura so much? It's because when I wrote that you should max those skills that I told you to max, that wasn't a suggestion. All those skills need to be maxed to unlock other skills in third and fourth job. The only two skills that aren't linked to anything later on are booster and blood drain. Mind you, you can max booster instead, and leave drain at 3, or max drain and leave booster at 3 (although I'm not sure why you would do that). There really isn't much to debate; just go with whichever level you feel comfortable with. I've seen some very successful BaM's with very low levels of booster. Your level of Blood Drain should reflect on how much pot money you are willing to save, and how many times you can recast booster without having your brain explode over the annoyance. Just please keep in mind:
--Drain starts to give back 2% at level 5.
--Drain starts to give back 3% at level 9.
--Drain starts to give back 4% at level 13.
--Drain starts to give back 5% at level 17.
• Regarding Blue Aura
Someone asked this thread why you can't just not max Blue Aura and use that Sp in some other skill *cough*BoosterandDrain*cough*.
I never realized this, but iToast pointed out that if you don't max Blue Aura, then you can't max Adv. Blue Aura either. And un-maxed Adv. Blue Aura means you'll have 20 Sp left over from that job. Even if you put them into Reaper, you'll have some Sp left over, and you can't job advance until you've spent every single one.

• Here is a video on the 2nd job advancement:
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The Threshold to Uberness
Yeah! You did it! You have now unlocked some pretty sweet skills to use and flaunt in front of other people. Again with the job advancement, I'm basing this information off videos of KMS from Youtube. At level 70, go see your class NPC again and accept his/her quest. Once again, you have to go beat up a boss. You need a Black Wings hat to enter the Mine, which costs 100k. Once you're inside, keep going right until you see a little green robot. Go through the portal on the right side of it, and inside you'll find an ugly hunk of metal that you need to destroy. After you kill it, go back to your respective NPC. They will give you your 3rd job skillbook. It is advised that you bring some holy water with you for the boss fight.

~3rd Advancement Skills~
Quintuple Blow- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl. 20 4B
Lvl20-- MP- 42, 115% Damage for five hits, Hits 6 mobs at all levels
Your shiny new main attack.

Dark Shock- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 45, 1000% Damage(!), Hits 6 mobs at all levels, 15% additional crit rate, 5 seconds cooldown
Wow. Just wow. An amazing skill, ranged, mobbing, and only a 5 second cooldown when maxed. Not to mention it has a pretty awesome animation. However, it is said to have an annoying delay.

Coversion- Max Level 10
Lvl10-- MP- 1000, +100% HP, lasts for 90 seconds
This is like self HB, but better. Speaking of HB, it also stacks with that skill! Who knew Nexon could be so generous?

Battle Mastery- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- +30% Damage output, +20% Minimun crit DAMAGE
I wrote "damage" in all caps to emphasize that is does indeed raise minimun crit damage, and not rate. I do believe Staff Mastery took care of that.

Advanced Blue Aura- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl. 20 Blue Aura
Lvl20-- Mp- 62, +10% more distributed damage absorption, +60% defense
Passive Effects: +20% abnormal status resistance, +20% elemental resistance
Makes Blue Aura more bearable.

Body Boost- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl. 10 of DA, BA, and YA
Lvl20-- MP- 90, 120 Seconds cooldown, increases effects of active aura.
• Dark Aura: +40% damage for 60 seconds
• Yellow Aura: +40 movement speed, +2 weapon attack speed, for 60 seconds
• Blue Aura: 10 seconds of invincibility
Is there really anything I need to say about this, other than the fact that it rocks my socks? Please note that you need to cancel this skill before switching to a different aura.

Summon Reaper Buff- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 90, lasts for 120 seconds, 10% chance of summoning a reaper, reaper lasts 20 seconds with 300% damage
Basically, when you kill something, there is a set chance of summoning a cute little reaper fellow. It also attacks for you, like a good little minion.

Teleport Mastery- Max Level 10, Requires Lvl. 15 Teleport
Lvl10-- MP- 20, 300% damage, 80% chance of stun with 4 seconds duration, hits 6 mobs at all levels
Makes tele an attacking skill! Just teleport past mobs to kill them! You can toggle the skill on and off by pressing the skill key, so you can also tele past mobs without aggro'ing them.

Advanced Dark Chain- Max Level 20, Requires Lvl. 20 Dark Chain
Lvl20-- MP- 38, 410% Damage, Hits 8 mobs, 6 seconds of stun
An even better version of Dark Chain.

~Skill Build~

153 Sp given in total.

-Lvl 70: +1 Tele Mastery, +1 Conversion, +1 5B
-Lvl 71: +1 Adv. Dark Chain, +2 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 72: +3 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 73: +3 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 74: +3 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 75: +3 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 76: +3 Battle Mastery
-Lvl 77: +3 Battle Mastery (Maxed)
-Lvl 78: +3 5B
-Lvl 79: +3 5B
-Lvl 80: +3 5B
-Lvl 81: +3 5B
-Lvl 82: +3 5B
-Lvl 83: +3 5B
-Lvl 84: +1 5B (Maxed), +2 Body Boost
-Lvl 85: +3 Body Boost
-Lvl 86: +3 Body Boost
-Lvl 87: +3 Body Boost
-Lvl 88: +3 Body Boost
-Lvl 89: +3 Body Boost
-Lvl 90: +3 Body Boost (Maxed)
-Lvl 91: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 92: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 93: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 94: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 95: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 96: +3 Dark Shock
-Lvl 97: +2 Dark Shock (Maxed), +1 Conversion
-Lvl 98: +3 Conversion
-Lvl 99: +3 Conversion
-Lvl 100: +2 Conversion (Maxed), +1 Adv. DC
-Lvl 101: +3 Adv. DC
-Lvl 102: +3 Adv. DC
-Lvl 103: +3 Adv. DC (11)
-Lvl 104: +3 Tele M.
-Lvl 105: +3 Tele M.
-Lvl 106: +3 Tele M. (Maxed)
-Lvl 107: +3 Adv. DC
-Lvl 108: +3 Adv. DC
-Lvl 109: +3 Adv. DC (Maxed)
-Lvl 110: +3 ABA
-Lvl 111: +3 ABA
-Lvl 112: +3 ABA
-Lvl 113: +3 ABA
-Lvl 114: +3 ABA
-Lvl 115: +3 ABA
-Lvl 116: +2 ABA (Maxed), +1 Reaper
-Lvl 117: +3 Reaper
-Lvl 118: +3 Reaper
-Lvl 119: +3 Reaper
-Lvl 120: +3 Reaper

In the end:
Maxed 5B
Maxed Battle Mastery
Maxed Body Boost
Maxed Dark Shock
Maxed Advanced Dark Chain
Maxed Conversion
Maxed Tele Mastery
Maxed Advanced Blue Aura
Lvl 13 Reaper

Explanation: We're getting one point into 5B and Adv. DC because they both outdamage their weaker counterparts immediately. We are also getting one point into Conversion early for a nice HP boost, plus it also gives a bigger HP boost than Hyper Body at level 1. The one point in tele mastery is optional. Next we're maxing out Battle Mastery, because it gives a nice boost to your damage %'s, and then 5B since it's your main attack. Next comes body boost, which is going to make using DA all that more exciting, and actually make BA a pretty cool skill. Next comes Dark Shock for that extra boost in training speed, and then Conversion, because at this point you should be fighting things that do a good chunk of damage to your HP. Once again, Adv. DC and Tele Mastery are next for more monster-hurting. However, we're leaving Adv. DC at 11 and maxing out Tele Mastery first, since it starts to hit 8 mobs at that level. ABA and Reaper are last. Maxing reaper is not a good idea, even if it is a cool skill. It technically isn't needed.

• Wind Raiders only give around 200 exp now, so you might want to reconsider your training spots from 7x~8x. I nearly cried when I saw this.
• Please, please, PLEASE max out Conversion earlier or later depending on your playing style. I don't want to be the reason you die 9 times an hour trying to kill bosses that dish out heavy damage.
• Same goes with ABA.
• If you really enjoy summoning demons from the cold, dark pits of the underworld, be my guest and get a point (or two) into Reaper early.
• You don't need a dark crystal to job advance!
• Here is a 3rd job advancement video:
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I commend you on getting here. This is an amazing achievement, at least in my opinion. *has never had a 120+ character*
I will not be giving a specific skill build for this stage in a BaM's life, due to different amount of fundings and availibility of skill books.

Here is a video of the 4th Job advancement:
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~4th Advancement Skills~
Advanced Dark Aura- Max Level 30, Requires Lvl. 20 DA
Lvl30-- MP- 60, +20% Damage, 100% damage per second dealt to nearby mobs
Passive Effect: +30 Magic Attack
Even more amazing DA. Gives an amazing MATT bonus.

Advanced Yellow Aura- Max Level 30, Requires Lvl. 20 YA
Lvl30-- MP- 50, +35 Movement speed, +1 weapon attack speed, +20% to dodge an attack, -30 movement speed of enemy
Passive Effect: +20% chance to dodge an attack
Yellow Aura on steriods. I'm guessing that it decreases 30 speed of the monster(s) that you are currently attacking, but I could be wrong.

Energize- Max Level 10
Lvl10-- +20% max HP, +50% Magic and Weapon DEF
Your only skill that only takes 10 SP to max. It gives a % HP boost, so you don't need to max it as soon as you become a fourth jobber.

Finishing Blow- Max Level 30, Requires Lvl. 20 5B
Lvl30-- MP- 63, 130% Damage for 6 hits, Hits 6 monsters at all levels
Your last main attacking skill. The animation is pretty flashy.

Twister Spin- Max Level 30
Lvl30-- MP- 120, 1000% Damage, for 20 Seconds with 40 seconds of cooldown
This is an incredibly fun skill to use. When activated, you turn into a small tornado and just bump into mobs to deal 1000% damage to them, the same amount of damaget that Dark Shock does. I'm pretty certain you don't take touch damage, but I'm not sure about magic damage. You can't jump, but you CAN teleport.

Dark Genesis(!)- Max Level 30
Lvl30-- MP- 300, 1800% Damage, Hits 15 mobs at all levels, 90% chance to stun for 4 seconds, 30 seconds of cooldown
Passvive Effect: +60% damage to Dark Shock
What's a mage without its ultimate? The animation is just radical, and it only uses 300 MP, as opposed to a whole bunch more when compared to a normal mage. It also gives a nice damage boost to Dark Shock. It's random, but useful.

Stance- Max Level 30
Lvl30-- MP- 60, 90% chance to not get knocked back, lasts for 300 seconds
Normal ol' stance, the kind warriors get.

Party Shield- Max Level 20
Lvl20-- MP- 78, shield remains intact for 30 seconds, 7 minutes cooldown on all levels
A shadower's smoke bomb, only it looks like those dome shaped jungle gyms that were so fun to climb on in 1st grade. You're invincible as long as you stay inside the dome.

Maple Warrior- Max Level 30
Lvl30-- MP- 70, +15% for all stats, Lasts for 900 seconds
Regular MW.

Hero's Will- Max Level 5
Lvl5- MP- 30, 360 seconds of cooldown
It's basically like dispel, but gets rid of EVERYTHING. It's mainly used for getting rid of seduce in HT runs.

~Skill Build~

Once again, I'm not going to be making a specific skill guide for 4th job because of the reasons I stated above. However, I CAN recommend the skills you should max out.

You are given 243 skill points to use. This might be different, and if it is, then it will most likely give you more skill points upon advancement, not less.

Max out EVERYTHING except for Maple Warrior. Leave MW at 29, because at that point it does not give a stat boost, only a time boost.
This will let you put 4 points into Hero's Will, instead of just 3.
EDIT: As for the first 3 skill points you get upon advancing, definitely get one into Finishing Blow, because once again, it outdamages 5Blow even at level 1. I suppose you could put the other two into Dark Genesis and Twister Spin, although it's really up to you. As with many other jobs, these three skill points are really used for fun.

++The End!++
Thanks for reading this wall of text!

You shouldn't follow this guide's SP builds in the order that's given if you don't like it. You can mix and match all the skills however you want, just keep in mind which skills you should end up with at the very end

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