CWK pq guide

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CWK pq guide

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:43 am

Crimson Wood Keep Guide

do CWK you first need to Get there and then do the Jump Quest. Please watch this video on how to do this:

How To Get To CWK & Jump Quest:

Be careful the totem pole hits 50k. Once youve done quests in the area you can use the statues to teleport.

You need to be above Level 90 to do the party quest

Head over to Hall to Inner Sanctum and gather 10-20 people to form a party. The party needs to have the following requirements:

All people need to be level 90 or above.
You need at least 2 members of each class (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief and Pirate).
The leader of the squad must have 12 Crimson Hearts and 1 Crimsonwood Keystone.
When the squad is formed and ready to go, click Jack to enter the first stage.

1 Stage 1
2 Stage 2
3 Stage 3
4 Stage 4
5 Stage 5
6 Stage 6
7 Bonus Stage

Stage 1
Inner Sanctum Hallway
At the first stage, have the leader talk to Jack again to activate the portal on the right side of the map.
One person must go into that portal, which will warp him/her back to the left. After that the “secret” portal is activated.

Stage 2
Forgotten Storage Chamber
In this stage are 5 Sigil which need to be attacked in order to be activated.

Each class has its own Sigil.

The skills that can be used to activate the Sigil's are the following:


Charged Blow (White Knight)

Dragon Fury: Spear (Dragon Knight)

Dragon Fury: Pole Arm (Dragon Knight)

Shout (Crusader)


Strafe (Sniper)

Strafe (Ranger)

Silver Hawk (Ranger)

Golden Eagle (Sniper)

Piercing Arrow (Marksman)


Explosion (Fire/Poison Mage)

Ice Strike (Ice/Lightning Mage)

Bahamut (Bishop)

Magic Claw (Magician)


Avenger (Hermit)

Shadow Partner (Hermit)

Meso Explosion (Chief Bandit)

Chakra (Chief Bandit)

Band of Thieves (Chief Bandit)


Transformation (Marauder)

Gaviota (Outlaw)

Dragon Strike (Buccaneer)

Rapid Fire (Corsair)

Flash Fist (Pirate)

When all of the Sigil are activated, move through the portal to the next stage.

Stage 3

The Test of Agility
This stage is similar to the previous one. Once again Sigil are placed over the map which you need to activate before you can continue. This time however, moving pillars make it hard to move throughout the map. Find your way upwards while activating the Sigil one by one. Once you reached Jack, have 5 members enter the portal next to him to activate the portal to the next stage.

Stage 4

The Test of Wit
Once again you need to activate Sigil throughout the map. This time the Sigil don't have a specific spot, and there are also a few fake Sigil placed on the map.

The fire on the platforms changes depending on which platforms you stand on the bottom of the map.

Once all the Sigil are activated, enter the bottom left portal to continue to the next stage.

Stage 5

The Test of Unity
In this map you need to rebuild the giant statue. This is done by placing 5 parts of it on their designated spot. Each item can be retrieved by their respective class after entering their map of testing.

Warrior Mastery Room
Get past the Crimson Guardians and climb you're way to the top. Talk to the statue to retrieve the Sword.

Crimson Guardian Master Warrior

Mage Mastery Room

Kill all monsters to retrieve the Wand. Teleport is needed as you need to go through walls.

Thief Mastery Room
Hit all the purple objects using normal attacks. Use Dark Sight and Flash Jump to move throughout the map. After all objects are broken, talk to the statue to retrieve the Claw.

Master Thief

Bowman Mastery Room

Kill all the Master Guardian and then talk to the statue and he'll give you the bow.

Master Guardian Master Bowman

Pirate Mastery Room

Walk through the water to the end of the trails and open the boxes to retrieve the gun.

Stage 6
Grandmaster Council Hall

This is the boss map.

4 bosses are spawned; Red Nirg (Warrior-like), Rellik (Archer-like), Morgana (Magician-like), and Hsalf (Thief-like).

It is suggested to attack the Magician first which is located at the top platform. In the meantime the Warriors should keep the other 3 bosses busy with Rush on the bottom of the map. When the Magician boss dies, head over to the Thief one. Try to separate it from the other 2 bosses with Rush.

Next comes the Warrior boss which will spawn Scarlet Phoenix and Azure Ocelot when it dies, which are quite easy to kill. Lastly take on the Archer boss, which is the toughest of all to kill as it stuns and curses you with almost every hit. It also can cast a 1HP/1MP attack on you combined with poison which causes an instant death. Be well prepared with potions and all cures.

Bonus Stage EditAfter you killed all the bosses head over to the right side of the map and enter the portal. In the next map keep going right to the next portal which leads to the Vault.

Inside the vault are lots of golden boxes.


Banana Graham Pie
Blackfist Cloak
Crimsonheart Cloak
Gelt Chocolate
Golden Neschere
Goldensoul Cape
[[[Mastery Book] Big Bang (50%)]]
[[[Storybook] Ancient Book]]
[[[Storybook] Formula for Black Cloud]]
Ssiws Cheese
White Seal Cushion

Credit goes to maplestory.wikea
Sorry for bad map pictures, i will update them when i find better one's, the background from where i got them from was white, and here it is black :Maple7: so enjoy hope it helps with the new PQ Ems is just getting

Getting There...
Getting There...

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