Zakum PQ stage 1 guide

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Zakum PQ stage 1 guide

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:45 am

So, this guide will show how you can complete the first Zakum quest within 15 minutes, solo. Very Happy

First, you have to go to your 3rd job instructor and start the Zakum quest, notice that it isnt a real quest, just talk to the NPC to start it xD

Okey, then you go to the place where the Zakum quest starts, if you dont know where this is, ask someone who knows or check maps in hidden str33t Razz

When you get to the NPC Adobis in the deepest part of dead mine, form a party, but you dont need any members, just you in the party, then start stage 1 at Adobis.
You will be tele ported into a room that looks like this:

Sorry for bad quality, i needed to make it bigger Razz

And there are a number for each room, those are the numbers:


To get to room 16, you can either go there through room 7 or 10.

Room 16 looks like this:


Okey, lets get started.

To finish the quest, you need 7 keys from the rooms, the keys can be found in boxes or rocks, here is a list on where the keys are located:

room 4-2 in a rock
room 14-1 in a box
room 9-2 in a box
room 11-1 in a box
room 16-2 in a box
room 16-3 in a box
room 16-5 in a rock

These are the rooms that got the keys, there is also a list of rooms to get Documents, but those are not needed for the quest, they are just a waste of time to get, so ill skip them xD (if u collect all of them u will get some dead mine scrolls)

When you collected all those 7 keys, you go to Room 16, and enter 16-5, which looks like this:

in there, theres a big box:

Drop the keys on it, and it will open up and drop a red rock, pick it up. Go to the first room, talk to the NPC and give her the rock, then go into the teleporter next to her, and you will get a Piece of fire ore.

Now you are done with stage 1 Very Happy

GOOD LUCK! Very Happy

credits to Eddeh from hellbound for this

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