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I/l mage guide

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:54 am

1st job

Magic Guard: Temporarily allows MP to take a portion of damage instead of HP. If your MP reaches 0, all damage is taken by HP.
[Master Level 15]: -13 MP, 80% damage is taken by MP instead of HP. Lasts for 600 seconds. Delay: 600ms.

MP Boost: Permanently boosts Maximum MP.
[Master Level 10]: Maximum MP +20%

Magic Armor: Temporarily increases defense. Requires level 3 Magic Guard.
[Master Level 15]: -16 MP, Weapon Defense +120, Magic Defense +225. Lasts for 240 seconds. Delay: 600ms.

Energy Bolt: Creates a ball of energy to deal damage to one enemy.
[Master Level 20]: -14 MP, deals 310% damage to one enemy.

Magic Claw: Used to attack up to three enemies two times each. Requires level 1 Energy Bolt.
[Master Level 20]: -20 MP, deals 120% damage twice to up to three enemies. Delay: 810ms.


Level(s) Skill(s)
8 +1 Energy Bolt
9-14 +3 Magic Claw
15 +2 Magic Claw (Maxed), +1 MP Boost
16-18 +3 MP Boost (Maxed)
19 +3 Magic Guard
20-24 +3 Magic Armor (Maxed)
25-28 +3 Magic Guard (Maxed)
29-30 +3 Energy Bolt (7)
• Magic Claw is taken over Energy Bolt because it mobs.
• Magic Armor is maxed before Magic Guard because mobs really don't hit enough to warrant it at those levels.
• MP Boost does not affect your base MP, so it is safe to max it later unlike with it's predecessor from Pre-Big Bang, "Improving Max MP Increase".

2nd Job

Spell Mastery: Permanently increases mastery of spells and Magic Attack.
[Master Level 20]: Mastery +50%, Magic Attack +10.

MP Eater: Permanent chance to absorb MP from an enemy attacked by a spell until its MP reaches 0. Requires level 5 Spell Mastery.
[Master Level 20]: 20% chance to absorb 10% of an enemy's MP.

Slow: Temporarily reduces movement speed of enemies. Cannot be used more than once on an affected monster. Requires level 5 Teleport.
[Master Level 10]: -10 MP, enemy speed -80. Lasts for 80 seconds. Delay: 600ms.

Meditation: Temporarily increase Magic Attack of all nearby party members. Requires level 3 MP Eater.
[Master Level 20]: -16 MP, Magic Attack +20. Lasts for 200 seconds. Delay: 600ms.

Teleport: Allows you to travel a set distance across a map in exchange for MP.
[Master Level 20]: -12 MP, 150 pixel range of movement.

Cold Beam: Creates three ice shards to use against enemies and freeze them.
[Master Level 20]: -27 MP, deals 140% damage to one enemy three times. Freezes for 2 seconds.

Thunderbolt: Summons Thunderbolts that can attack up to six enemies three times each.
[Master Level 20]: -45 MP, deals 105% damage three times to up to six enemies. Delay: 810ms.

High Wisdom: Passively adds extra INT.
[Master Level 10]: +40 INT.


Level(s) Skill(s)
30 +1 Teleport
31 +1 Thunderbolt, +1 Cold Beam (1), +1 Spell Mastery
32-37 +3 Spell Mastery
38 +1 Spell Mastery (Maxed), +2 Thunderbolt
39-43 +3 Thunderbolt
44 +2 Thunderbolt (Maxed), +1 High Wisdom
45-47 +3 High Wisdom (Maxed)
48 +3 MP Eater
49-54 +3 Meditation
55 +2 Meditation (Maxed), +1 Teleport
56-61 +3 Teleport (Maxed)
62-66 +3 MP Eater
67 +2 MP Eater (Maxed), +1 Slow
68-70 +3 Slow (Maxed)
• Spell Mastery is maxed before Thunderbolt for damage stability.
• High Wisdom before Meditation because of a lower master level and a bonus to base MP upon level up.
• Slow is taken over Cold Beam because Slow works on bosses, making it very useful when you start killing mobile bosses. Whereas Cold Beam is instantly replaced in 3rd job.
• Thunderbolt is taken over Cold Beam because it mobs better.

3rd Job

Elemental Amplification: Permanently increases damage by a certain percentage in exchange for increased MP use.
[Master Level 20]: MP usage 140%, damage increases 145%.

Spell Booster: Temporarily lessens spell casting time by 2. Requires level 3 Elemental Amplification.
[Master Level 20]: -20 MP. Lasts for 200 seconds. Delay: 1500ms.

Seal: Temporarily prevents a monster from casting skills. Cannot be used more than once on an affected monster. Requires level 3 Elemental Amplification.
[Master Level 20]: -20 MP, 95% chance to activate on 6 enemies. Lasts for 20 seconds. Delay: 900ms.

Storm Magic: Instantly kill a monster when its HP is below a certain amount. Deal extra damage when a monster is affected by a status.
[Master Level 20]: 15% chance to instantly kill a monster when HP is below 30%. 10% damage increase when a monster is affected by freeze, paralysis, stun, DoT, or darkness.

Teleport Mastery: Permanently increases teleport distance. Also when activated, attacks monsters that you teleport to with a chance to stun. Can be turned on and off by pressing the skill key. Requires level 20 Teleport.
[Master Level 10]: Teleport range +20, deals 300% damage to up to six enemies with an 80% stun rate. Stun lasts for 4 seconds.

Elemental Decrease: Temporarily eliminates elemental properties of spells.
[Master Level 10]: -50 MP, 100% reduction of elemental attributes. Lasts for 300 seconds. Delay: 1500ms.

Thunder Spear: Create a spear imbued with the power of Lightning to attack an enemy five times and stun them.
[Master Level 20]: -30 MP, deals 155% damage five times to a single enemy with an 80% stun rate. Stun lasts for 5 seconds. Delay: 1300ms.

Ice Strike: Rain down crystals of ice to attack up to six enemies and freeze them.
[Master Level 20]: -50 MP, deals 145% damage four times to up to six enemies. 275% range. Freezes for 3 seconds. Delay: 1290ms.

Ice Demon: Attacks up to six enemies in front of you, inflicts frostbite.
[Master Level 20]: -27 MP, deals 520% damage to up to six enemies. Deals 15 seconds of frostbite damage at 90% damage per second. Freezes for 2 seconds. Delay: 810ms.


Level(s) Skill(s)
70 +1 Ice Strike
71 +1 Ice Demon, +1 Teleport Mastery, +1 Element Amplification
72 +2 Element Amplification, +1 Spell Booster
73-74 +3 Spell Booster
75 +2 Spell Booster, +1 Element Amplification
76-80 +3 Element Amplification
81 +1 Element Amplification (Maxed), +2 Ice Strike
82-86 +3 Ice Strike
87 +2 Ice Strike (Maxed), +1 Ice Demon
88-93 +3 Ice Demon (Maxed)
94-99 +3 Storm Magic
100 +2 Storm Magic (Maxed), +1 Teleport Mastery
101-102 +3 Teleport Mastery
103 +2 Teleport Mastery (Maxed), +1 Spell Booster
104-106 +3 Spell Booster
107 +2 Spell Booster (Maxed), +2 Elemental Decrease
108-109 +3 Elemental Decrease
110 +2 Elemental Decrease (Maxed), +1 Seal
111-116 +3 Seal
117 +1 Seal (Maxed), +2 Thunder Spear/Cold Beam
118-120 +3 Thunder Spear (11)/Cold Beam (12)
• Ice Demon is maxed over Thunder Spear because it does more DPM and can activate Storm Magic on monsters that can't be frozen/stunned.
• While Ice Strike is weaker than Ice Demon, it is maxed first because it has an AoE.
• Seal is maxed over Thunder Spear simply because you might actually find a use for it. Thunder Spear however, is completely outclassed by both Chain Lightning and Ice Demon.
• Spell Booster is brought to 9 points at first simply because of its timer. You can adjust the level you temporarily leave it at depending on how long you want it to last.
• Elemental Decrease is maxed because it's vital for killing monsters resistant/immune to Lightning and/or Ice.
• Cold Beam is listed as a potential SP dump because it's helpful in BPQ.

4th job


Maple Warrior: Temporarily increases base AP of the party by a set percentage.
[Master Level 30]: -70 MP, base AP +15%. Lasts for 900 seconds. Delay: 1500ms.

Buff Mastery: Permanently increases Magic Attack. Adds option to increase buff duration.
[Master Level 10]: Magic Attack +30, adds option to turn +50% buff duration on and off.

Infinity: Temporarily recover more HP and MP over time while increasing damage and resisting knock-back.
[Master Level 30]: -50 MP, 10% HP and MP recovery every 4 seconds, +10% damage increase every 4 seconds; e.g. 10% for the first 4 seconds, 20% the second increment of 4 seconds, etc until a final +100% damage at the last 4 seconds. 50% chance to resist being knocked-back. Lasts for 40 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. Delay: 600ms.
Important note: When used in conjunction with maxed Magic Mastery, Infinity acts slightly different. It lasts for 60 seconds and the incrementation of damage increases goes by 6 seconds instead of 4 seconds.

Hero's Will: Releases you from abnormal states such as seduction.
[Master Level 5]: -30 MP, releases you from abnormal state. 360 seconds cooldown.

Arcane Aim: Ignore monster defense and deal more damage to monsters after attacking them a certain number of times.
[Master Level 30]: All skills now passively ignore an extra 20% MDR. After attacking a monster 3 times there is a 50% chance to increase damage by 8%, this can stack up to five times.

Big Bang: Gather Ice based energy to attack up to ten enemies five times.
[Master Level 30]: -50 MP, deals 290% damage five times on up to ten enemies. 90% chance to freeze for 5 seconds. Delay: 810ms.

Elquines: Temporarily summons Elquines, who can attack up to three enemies and freeze them. Also adds elemental resistance. Requires level 5 Ice Demon.
[Master Level 30]: -120 MP, deals 330% damage. Freezes for 3 seconds. Lasts for 160 seconds. Cast delay: 600ms. Attack delay: 3030ms. Passively adds 40% elemental resistance.

Glacier Chain: Create an icy chain to draw monsters toward you.
[Master Level 30]: -80 MP, deals 450% damage four times to up to twelve enemies while ignoring 40% MDR. Deals 15 seconds of frostbite damage at 135% damage per second. Freezes for 5 seconds. 5 seconds cooldown. Delay: 1050ms

Chain Lightning: Attack up to 5 enemies in front of you 4 times. Provides an extra critical chance and stuns.
[Master Level 30]: -44 MP, deals 214% damage four times to up to five enemies. 90% chance to stun for 4 seconds. Critical chance +25%. Delay: 780ms.

Blizzard: Attacks up to fifteen enemies around you, inflicts frostbite.
[Master Level 30]: -380 MP, deals 1600% damage on up to 15 enemies. Deals 10 seconds of frostbite damage at 205% per second. 30 seconds cooldown. Delay: 3480ms.


Level Skill(s)
120 +1 Chain Lightning, +1 Glacier Chain, +1 Blizzard
121-123 +3 Buff Mastery
124 +1 Buff Mastery (Maxed), +2 Chain Lightning
125-133 +3 Chain Lightning (Maxed)
134-143 +3 Arcane Aim (Maxed)
144-153 +3 Infinity (Maxed)
154-162 +3 Glacier Chain
163 +2 Glacier Chain (Maxed), +1 Hero's Will
164-173 +3 Maple Warrior (Maxed)
174-183 +3 Elquines (Maxed)
184 +3 Hero's Will
185 +1 Hero's Will (Maxed), +2 Blizzard
186-194 +3 Blizzard (Maxed)
195-200 +3 Big Bang (18)
• Sometimes you will have to decide whether or not to save SP or spend it elsewhere despite what the build says thanks to skillbook availability. Adjust accordingly.
• Big Bang is left unmaxed because its charge time renders it near useless.
• Buff Mastery is maxed before Chain Lightning because the range boost it provides is more than that of leveling Chain Lightning up given that your total M. ATT does not exceed 300 by a large amount.
• Infinity is maxed before Glacier Chain because of general consensus that Infinity is more helpful to damage dealing. No more reason, no less.
• Arcane Aim is maxed before Infinity for passive PDR ignore.
• Maple Warrior is maxed later on because of a general assumption that you will be partying with people who already have the skill. That, and the skills before it are more beneficial to damage output.

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