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DB guide ascension

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:14 am

What is a Dual Blade?

Basics of a Dual Blade
The name "Dual Blade" makes you think of a job that can wield two weapons. And you'd be right. Dual Blades are a Thief class, and use a Dagger (the same as Bandits), as their primary weapon, and in the secondary hand slot (shield slot), they hold a Dual-Blade-Exclusive series of weapons called Kataras. Currently in Windia, Kataras and Daggers are amazingly overpriced, and their scrolls are one of the most expensive, rivaling the infamous 60% Glove for Attack, and Thief classes in general are usually more costly than most other classes, so a Dual Blade is not recommended to be your first character if you're just starting out on MapleStory.

Like all other Thief classes, Dual Blades have Luk as their primary stat and damage modifier. Dex is the secondary stat, which isn't really used for anything other than equipping items, which will be a pain, since they require high amounts of Dex (+40 above your level, if I recall correctly). There isn't a real guide to stat assignment, since it all really depends on which stat boosts on equipment you have, or can afford, so it really comes down to your own decision. Though, Base Dex shouldn't really need to go over 80, because things like a 10 Dex Sauna/Bathrobe and Zakum Helmet can gloss over lost Dex for a fair few levels until you can equip or purchase +Dex items.

Pros and Cons

•Extremely high damage per second
•The best looking equipment
•Great mobility
•Additional job advancements, resulting in more skills more quickly
•Able to both mob and boss effectively
•Phantom Blow and Final Cut

•Costly equipment
•Low-Medium health
•Very easy to mess up stats and skills
•Requires NX Mastery Books
•Phatom Blow and Final Cut need skill books

The Guide

The guides will be categorised by job advancements, and will include a general description, a skill build, and my training locations. As such, it would (and should) look more like a laid-back and relaxed guide. An explanation and my opinion of all the skills of that job are also provided. The skill build is there, because it wouldn't really be considered a guide without one. By no means do you need to follow it exactly, step by step (though that is highly recommended). Training locations are where I trained, and not just a list of popular training spots, which are included at the end.


Okay, first job. If you've played an other Thief class before, you'll notice you're lacking some skills. According to the story, it's something like the Dark Lord doesn't trust you enough or something. Either way, you won't be using any of these skills for very long.

The Skills

Nimble Body
Passive skill that increases your accuracy and avoidability. Almost completely unnecessary, and definitely unnecessary at this point. It's only needed as a prerequisite for a later skill.

Keen Eyes
Increases the distance that your throwing star goes. And you don't use throwing stars. So ignore this skill.

Casts a status effect on the monster, which decreases its attack and defense. Doesn't work on bosses, impractical in training, only necessary as prerequisite for Dark Sight.

Dark Sight
Gives you a buff that renders you immune to touch damage (damage when you touch a monster), and allows you to walk through them. Also makes aggressive mobs not notice you, and not attack you. You can still take damage from magic and ranged sources, though. Quite a nice skill, but unnecessary at this stage.

Lucky Seven
According to the database, Dual Blades have this. I'll verify next time I'm on it. Either way, this skill is a piece of **** for Dual Blades, so ignore it as well. It's just an attack skill that uses a claw and throwing stars.

Double Stab
Your main attacking skill for the next 10 levels. Just stabs the monster twice, not very flashy, single-target as well. You need 10 on it as a prerequisite, though.


Level 10: 1 Double Stab (1)
Level 11: 3 Double Stab (4)
Level 12: 3 Double Stab (7)
Level 13: 3 Double Stab (10)
Level 14: Save SP (3)
Level 15: Save SP (6)
Level 16: Save SP (9)
Level 17: Save SP (12)
Level 18: Save SP (15)
Level 19: Save SP (18)Dual Blades, unlike other jobs, can use SP from previous job advancements in the next job advancement, excluding the level 30, 55 and 120 job advancement. As such, if a skill is unnecessary, it is better to save the SP for the next job. 10 on Double Stab is necessary for the next job, but all the other skills are currently unneeded, so we can save SP and have 21 points right of the bat, next job.

I've just been told that you can no longer save SP for the next job advancement. I've been shown a screenshot, but I've yet to confirm it myself. In the event that you are unable to save SP, try to assign the points so that you still end up with the end result. Once I've confirmed whether or not you actually can save SP over job advancements, I'll amend the guide to fit my findings.

Training Method

At level 10, head straight over to Blue Ribbon Pigs. Pretty awesome Exp, shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to go from level 10~18. At 18, just before the Exp penalty kicks in, go back to Kerning and complete the "Catch Valefor" quest. This quest gives you enough Exp once completed at level 18 to get you to level 19, and 1 Exp away from level 20, since you can't level twice in a row. You also get a (very ugly) hat with +12 Luk, which should be used until you can afford/equip a ZHelm, Scar, Tar and such

Blade Recruit

Alright, second job at level 20! New skills! Yay! This job doesn't have many skills, actually, but almost all of them are core skills that you'll need to be using all throught your Dual Blade career, whether you like it or not.
The Skills

Katara Mastery
Passive skill that increases your accuracy (which is a lie), and increases your minimum damage (which is awesome). Definitely should be maxed.

Triple Stab
Active skill, and your main attack skill for a long while. Hits 3 times on 2 mobs, with decent damage.

Katara Booster
Support skill that doubles your attacking speed. Can only be used with a Katara equipped. You'll definitely be using this even at 200.


Level 20: 10 Triple Stab (10 - Maxed), 11 Katara Mastery (11)
Level 21: 3 Katara Mastery (14)
Level 22: 3 Katara Mastery (17)
Level 23: 3 Katara Mastery (20 - Maxed)
Level 24: 3 Katara Booster (3)
Level 25: 3 Katara Booster (6)
Level 26: 3 Katara Booster (9)
Level 27: 3 Katara Booster (12)
Level 28: 3 Katara Booster (15)
Level 29: 3 Katara Booster (18)
Level 30: 2 Katara Booster (20 - Max), 1 Disorder (1)Since you can't save SP for the next Job advancement, you'll need to use up all your SP. Since you should have 21 SP saved up by now, you can max Triple Stab right away. After that, you should max Katara Mastery. I personally know people that prefer to put 5 on Katara Mastery, a few points in Booster, continue maxing Mastery after, and then finish off Booster later. Personally, I hate doing that, because I find it a pain to continually cast Booster, and come on, you're not even level 30, is it really necessary? Like I said before, you need to get rid of all your SP, so a point in Disorder from the previous job as a prerequisite for Dark Sight.

Training Method

At level 20, you should go to NLC and train on Rotting Skeletons in the Chimney maps. They should have enough health to get one-hitted by your Triple Stab at level 20, if you're keeping up with NPC weapons. This is a better location than the popular Lupins or Mixed Golems, since Skeletons are in small mobs, and you only have Triple Stab. It's more of a single-target place, so it's better. This place will last you until 30, since NLC monsters are unaffected by the Exp penalty.

Blade Acolyte


This is your 3rd job advancement already, and you're only level 30. You must be feeling awesome. You can't save SP from this job for the next one, so this is the chance you get to max off some of those previous skills. In this job, training becomes a lot easier with the addition of Slash Storm, though that requires an NX mastery book. Yes, mastery books at level 30. The easy way out is to get a part time job, buy an NX card and buy your books (because you'll need a few more).

The Skills

Unlike Bandits' and Assassins' Haste, this is both better and worse. Better being that it gives 123% Jump instead of 120%, but worse since it's not a party buff. It does have a cooler animation, like all DB skills, though.

Fatal Blow
Single-Target attacking skill, similar to Savage Blow. Not a very good skill, and you won't be using it after you get Upper Stab at level 55.

Slash Storm
Great mobility skill and your first proper mobbing skill. This NEEDS to be maxed for you to put points on to Bloody Storm later on, and you need a mastery book for this.

Shadow Resistance
Passive skill that increases your MaxHP, Status Resistance and Elemental Resistance. Pretty awesome later on when you're bossing, but not too important at the moment.


Level 30: 1 Slash Storm (1)
Level 31: 3 Slash Storm (4)
Level 32: 4 (3+1) Slash Storm (Cool
Level 32: 3 Slash Storm (11)
Level 33: 3 Slash Storm (14)
Level 34: 3 Slash Storm (17)
Level 35: 3 Slash Storm (20 - Max)
Level 36: 3 Self-Haste (3)
Level 37: 3 Self Haste (6)
Level 38: 3 Self Haste (9)
Level 39: 3 Self Haste (12)
Level 41: 3 Self Haste (15)
Level 42: 3 Self Haste (18)
Level 43: 2 Self Haste (20 - Max), 1 Shadow Resistance (1)
Level 44: 3 Shadow Resistance (4)
Level 45: 3 Shadow Resistance (7)
Level 46: 3 Shadow Resistance (10)
Level 47: 3 Shadow Resistance (13)
Level 48: 3 Shadow Resistance (16)
Level 49: 3 Shadow Resistance (19)
Level 50: 1 Shadow Resistance (20 - Max), 2 Disorder (3)
Level 51: 3 Dark Sight (3)
Level 52: 3 Dark Sight (6)
Level 53: 3 Dark Sight (9)
Level 54: 1 Dark Sight (10 - Max), 2 Free Points (2)
Level 55: 3 Free Points (5)Alright, max Slash Storm first since you need to mob to train properly. Like I said before, you need a Mastery Book for this. At level 5 Slash Storm, you get +1 SP from using the Mastery Book. If you don't have it, get it. If you can't get it, put up with a terrible character. After Slash Storm, Haste because that's the only other immediately useful skill you'll need. Free speed and jump, why not? After that is Shadow Resistance, to help out with bossing and such later on in the game. Once that's done, 3 goes onto Disorder as a prerequisite for Dark Sight, and then Dark Sight is maxed in preparation for Advanced Dark Sight in the future. Then all that's done, you have a few points left to put wherever. You can go for Fatal Blow for an extra (and crappy) attack skill, or Nimble Body for a small accuracy and avoidability increase, whichever. You can also put those 5 points into Fatal Blow at any other time, as long as the skills get maxed correctly.

Training Method

After getting the Job Advancement, you can head over to Mushroom Kingdom and finish the tedious quest chain to get a half-decent glove if you don't already have an attack WG, and a +2 All Stats medal, which is nice. There's also a chance to get super awesome level 35 weapons. And the quest chain should get you somewhere between 34 and 37 as well, ready for the next training spot: Kerning Square. At Kerning Square, there are a variety of monsters to train on, and you can easily adapt to levelling up by moving around. I'd train there until about level 50 at CDs. From there, you can go to NLC and complete the first part of Subani's Legacy for a GFA60 scroll, and train on Scarecrows until 55.

Blade Specialist

This is the job advancement at level 55. You get Flash Jump here, 15 levels before Bandits and Hermits. Also, a couple new attack skills, and you'll need another NX Mastery Book for Tornado Spin.

The Skills

Tornado Spin
New attacking skill. Double-tap an arrow key to activate the dash, and then press the attack key to actually use the skill. The dash also has a rush effect. It's an awesome skill, but you won't really be using it until level 70 when you can link it with Flying Assaulter.

Unlike in Counter Strike, Flashbang here doesn't blind you even though you throw it in front of your face. You can't control where it goes, there's a set distance, so get used to it. The skill will do some small damage and apply the darkness effect with a given success rate. It's awesome because it works on bosses, but unnecessary at this level.

Flash Jump
Another Flashy skill. Get it? FlashBang, Flash Jump. Haha. Bad joke. All Dual Blade skills are flashy anyway. Everyone knows what Flash Jump is. Jump in the air, press the button and you'll look like you rocket jumped off the sky. Awesome skill, but not very practical unless you walk around a lot or train in large maps.

Upper Stab
A high DPS mobbing skill that you'll be using a lot after you chain a Flying Assaulter with Tornado Spin and push 20 mobs over to one side. Level 5 Upper Stab has higher DPS than max Fatal Blow, plus this is a mob skill. Fatal Blow just died.


Level 56: 3 Upper Stab (3)
Level 57: 2 Upper Stab (5), 1 Flash Jump (1)
Level 58: 3 Flash Jump (4)
Level 59: 3 Flash Jump (7)
Level 60: 3 Flash Jump (10)
Level 61: 3 Flash Jump (13)
Level 62: 2 Flash Jump (15 - Max), Save SP (1)
Level 63: Save SP (4)
Level 64: Save SP (7)
Level 65: Save SP (10)
Level 66: Save SP (13)
Level 67: Save SP (16)
Level 68: Save SP (19)
Level 69: Save SP (22)
Level 70: Save SP (25)Ok I'm not certain whether or not you get a point at level 55, but I'm quite sure you don't. Correct me if I'm wrong. First off in this build, we put 5 points on Upper Stab for it to do more damage, but max it later, since at level 6 it requires 5 more MP per use. Then Max Flash Jump for movement and fun, and then save the rest to max out half your skills at level 70. Flashbang isn't really useful until much later, so we can max that later as well, and Tornado Spin only ever gets used with Flying Assaulter, so we don't need that now either.

I've just been told that you can no longer save SP for the next job advancement. I've been shown a screenshot, but I've yet to confirm it myself. In the event that you are unable to save SP, try to assign the points so that you still end up with the end result. Once I've confirmed whether or not you actually can save SP over job advancements, I'll amend the guide to fit my findings.

Training Method

Alright, training becomes pretty easy once you get Upper Stab. You can just hold down the button and it works awesomely. At 55, Scarecrows should still be alright, but if you're bored of that, Hoodoos and Voodoos in their Toy Room are a viable option, along with Monster Park. At around 60, Jesters become something worth training on, in their Toy Room. They'd last you until around 85, so that's fine. I find that a mix of Jesters and Monster Park works well enough to get me to 70.

Blade Lord

Now you're level 70, and you'll need more Mastery Books! Yay! On a more positive note, your hard work saving up SP has now paid off, and you can indulge yourself with max-level, awesome skills at level 70.

The Skills

Bloody Storm
A more beefed up version of Slash Storm that links with Flying Assaulter and Tornado Spin. Awesome damage, awesome animation, awesome name. What's there not to love?

Advanced Dark Sight
A passive skill that allows you to attack (including skill attacks) while in Dark Sight, and allowing you to retain your Dark Sight with a given success rate. There is also a chance for your Dark Sight to turn on automatically after you get hit, and a damage bonus for attacking whilst in Dark Sight.

Mirror Image
The Dual Blade's Shadow Partner. It's better, though, since it doesn't require Summoning Rocks, and it's a copy of you instead of a black dude. Mastery Book required.

Owl Spirit
Chucks a huge metal owl at a monster in front of you. There's a chance that it'll instant-kill the monster and give you a buff that increases your damage for a set number of attacks afterwards.

Flying Assaulter
My favourite skill. Lets you fly across the map, and do massive damage on up to 8 mobs, twice, with a stun chance. Also links with Tornado Spin and Bloody Storm for even godlier damage. Requires Self-Haste to be active to use it, and you need to be at the peak of a jump. Also requires Mastery Book.

Chains of Hell
10 hits, all critical, in less than one second, on one mob. Not bad for bossing when you use it once in a while. It also pulls a non-boss monster towards you before attacking. Requires you to be in Dark Sight to use it, and also requires Mastery Book.

Life Drain
Passive skill, allows you to absorb some of your damage done as health with a given success rate.


Level 70: 10 Bloody Storm (10 - Max), 10 Flying Assaulter (10), 6 Tornado Spin (6)
Level 71: 4 (3+1) Tornado Spin (10)
Level 72: 3 Tornado Spin (13)
Level 73: 3 Tornado Spin (16)
Level 74: 3 Tornado Spin (19)
Level 75: 1 Tornado Spin (20 - Max), 2 Mirror Image (2)
Level 76: 3 Mirror Image (5)
Level 77: 3 Mirror Image (Cool
Level 78: 4 (3+1) Mirror Image (12)
Level 79: 3 Mirror Image (15)
Level 80: 3 Mirror Image (18)
Level 81: 3 Mirror Image (21)
Level 82: 3 Mirror Image (24)
Level 83: 3 Mirror Image (27)
Level 84: 3 Mirror Image (30 - Max)
Level 85: 3 Flying Assaulter (13)
Level 86: 3 Flying Assaulter (16)
Level 87: 3 Flying Assaulter (19)
Level 88: 1 Flying Assaulter (20 - Max), 2 Upper Stab (7)
Level 89: 3 Upper Stab (10)
Level 90: 3 Upper Stab (13)
Level 91: 3 Upper Stab (16)
Level 92: 3 Upper Stab (19)
Level 93: 1 Upper Stab (20 - Max), 2 Advanced Dark Sight (2)
Level 93: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (5)
Level 94: 3 Advanced Dark Sight (Cool
Level 95: 1 Advanced Dark Sight (10 - Max), 1 Chains of Hell (1)
Level 96: 3 Chains of Hell (4)
Level 97: 3 Chains of Hell (7)
Level 98: 4 (3+1) Chains of Hell (11)
Level 99: 3 Chains of Hell (14)
Level 100: 3 Chains of Hell (17)
Level 101: 3 Chains of Hell (20 - Max)
Level 102: 3 Life Drain (3)
Level 103: 3 Life Drain (6)
Level 104: 3 Life Drain (9)
Level 105: 1 Life Drain (10 - Max), 2 Owl Spirit (2)
Level 106: 3 Owl Spirit (5)
Level 107: 3 Owl Spirit (Cool
Level 108: 3 Owl Spirit (11)
Level 109: 3 Owl Spirit (14)
Level 110: 3 Owl Spirit (17)
Level 111: 3 Owl Spirit (20 - Max)
Level 112: 3 Flashbang (3)
Level 113: 2 Flashbang (5 - Max), 1 Free Point (1)
Level 114: 3 Free Points (4)
Level 115: 3 Free Points (7)
Level 116: 3 Free Points (10)
Level 117: 3 Free Points (13)
Level 118: 3 Free Points (16)
Level 119: 3 Free Points (19)
Level 120: 1 Free Point (20)How Link Skills Work
When a skill can "link" with another, that means you can use it in succession to the skill it is able to be linked with. The most commonly use skill link for Dual Blades is the Flying Assaulter + Tornado Spin combo. Normally to use Tornado Spin, you'd have to double tap an arrow key to dash, and then use attack to use it, but once your skills are high enough to link Flying Assaulter with it, Flying Assaulter will count as the dash, and you can press attack after using Flying Assaulter to cast a Tornado Spin.

I bet you love me now for telling you to save the SP, eh? Well, we're starting off by maxing Bloody Storm at level 70 to replace Slash Storm completely, as well as to be able to link it with Level 10 Flying Assaulter, which we're also doing. Max Tornado Spin next. You could've done this before, yes, but you wouldn't have used it before, and it looks better when you save SP. After that, Mirror Image is maxed to greatly increase damage output, and then we finish up with Flying Assaulter. Note that when you use a Mastery Book, you get +1 SP to assign to that skill. Once Flying Assaulter is maxed, we're going to finish up with Upper Stab, since it's your main mob-DPSer at places like Monster Park and LHC, until you get Blade Fury. Advanced Dark Sight comes next for the off-chance you get hit, activate Dark Sight and get the damage bonus, and then Chains of Hell afterwards to use with that. I find Owl Spirit to be near-useless, because it's only single target, and the buff is crap, so we max Life Drain first, and Owl Spirit after. Once thats done, Flashbang next to use at LHC, which should be around this time. And then you have 20 SP to assign wherever you please, since you can't save up for the next Job. You could put more points in Fatal Blow, but you're never going to use that, especially after you get Phantom Blow (another Blow skill). You could max Nimble Body or Disorder, but those two are both meaningless as well. You just want to get rid of the SP so you can advance.

Training Method

Training at level 70 is easy as hell, since you have 3 overpowered skills already at this point. At Jesters, you'll be owning everybody, something I noticed while I was there, and unable to get KSd. I stayed there until 90 before going to MP3, but it is possible to go there at around 85. At level about 100, you can move over to Herb Town and train on Kru and Captain. If you can afford a bunch of HP potions, Dual Ghost Pirates (DGP) are also a great place to train in the late 10x's. At 110, most people would hop over to LHC straight away. And I did as well, though DGP remains a pretty good place that'd last after 120. As always, Monster Park is a viable option at any time.

Blade Master

Finally, the last job advancement. At level 120, it's actually the 6th time you advanced jobs. Cool, huh? I hope you have a ton of cash saved up, because you'll need 5 Mastery Books and 2 Skill Books, not counting Maple Warrior. Most important thing to do is to get the Phantom Blow and Final Cut skill books as soon as possible, preferably before advancing, so that you can use them ASAP. Thorns' mastery book is available in the Cash Shop, as well as Blade Fury, and you'll want those two books pretty quickly as well. Other books aren't to important until later. Anyway, now that you're a Blade Master (BM, Hah), you have some smexy skills. And unfortunately, that's all you're getting.

The Skills

Maple Warrior
Every 120 job advancement has this skill. It just increases your stats by a given amount. Supportive skill. Mastery Book required.

Passive skill that applies poison effect to your weapons. Monsters hit have a chance to receive DPS for a while, and it can stack 3 times on the same monster. Mastery book required.

Final Cut
This skill is where you're going to see the biggest number you've ever hit. It cuts your HP by 45% at level 1 (20% at max), and does the most awesome hit you've ever seen on a large amount of mobs in front of you. Also has a rush effect and chance to instant kill monsters, and gives you a buff after using the attack that increases your attack by a large amount. The longer you hold the skill button, the more damage it does, up to a certain point. Skill Book required.

Monster Bomb
Sticks a tag on a monster, and that tag explodes and damages all mobs around it with a fair bit of damage. It can also hit you. The longer you hold down the button isn't how much damage the skill does, like with Final Cut or something like Corkscrew Blow, it actually determines the angle you throw the charm. Mastery Book Required.

Blade Fury
Your main mobbing skill for the next 80 levels. Your character jumps up, and does 3 backflips before he lands. I wish I could do that. Mastery Book required.

Mirrored Target
Passive effect: Increases defense and avoidability (which both mean nothing), and gives you a chance to dodge attacks.
Active effect: Creates a dummy, similar to Rangers' Puppet skill, but it's a copy of you. Much cooler than a bag full of straw stuck on a pole. Monsters focus their attacks on the dummy rather than you. Mastery Book required.

An awesome buff, that should be a party buff because you'll feel super selfish since you can only use it on yourself. At max, gives you +30 attack and 90% Power Stance effect. Awesome skill, and Mastery Book required.

Hero's Will
Does what an All-Cure potion does. All level 120 job advancements have this, like Maple Warrior.

Phantom Blow
My second favourite skill. Awesome as DPS, rivalling BM's hurricane. Also ignores a portion of the enemie's defence, which is more awesome. Single Target, though. Great for bossing. Skill Book required.

Your passive crit increasing skill. Increases how often you crit, and how much damage your crits do. Not to special, but essential.


Level 120: 1 Phantom Blow (1), 1 Blade Fury (1), 1 Final Cut (1)
Level 121: 1 Mirrored Target (1), 1 Venom (1), 1 Sharpness (1)
Level 122: 3 Sharpness (4)
Level 123: 3 Sharpness (7)
Level 124: 3 Sharpness (10 - Max)
Level 125: 3 Blade Fury (4)
Level 126: 3 Blade Fury (7)
Level 127: 4 (3+1) Blade Fury (11)
Level 128: 3 Blade Fury (14)
Level 129: 3 Blade Fury (17)
Level 130: 3 Blade Fury (20)
Level 131: 3 Blade Fury (23)
Level 132: 3 Blade Fury (26)
Level 133: 3 Blade Fury (29)
Level 134: 1 Blade Fury (30 - Max), 2 Final Cut (3)
Level 135: 3 Final Cut (6)
Level 136: 3 Final Cut (9)
Level 137: 3 Final Cut (12)
Level 138: 3 Final Cut (15)
Level 139: 3 Final Cut (18)
Level 140: 3 Final Cut (21)
Level 141: 3 Final Cut (24)
Level 142: 3 Final Cut (27)
Level 143: 3 Final Cut (30 - Max)
Level 144: 3 Thorns (3)
Level 145: 3 Thorns (6)
Level 146: 3 Thorns (9)
Level 147: 3 Thorns (12)
Level 148: 4 (3+1) Thorns (16)
Level 149: 3 Thorns (19)
Level 150: 3 Thorns (22)
Level 151: 3 Thorns (25)
Level 152: 3 Thorns (28)
Level 153: 2 Thorns (30 - max), 1 Phantom Blow (2)
Level 154: 3 Phantom Blow (5)
Level 155: 3 Phantom Blow (Cool
Level 156: 3 Phantom Blow (11)
Level 157: 3 Phantom Blow (14)
Level 158: 3 Phantom Blow (16)
Level 159: 3 Phantom Blow (19)
Level 160: 3 Phantom Blow (22)
Level 161: 3 Phantom Blow (25)
Level 162: 3 Phantom Blow (28)
Level 163: 2 Phantom Blow (30 - Max), 1 Hero's Will (1)
Level 164: 3 Maple Warrior (3)
Level 165: 3 Maple Warrior (6)
Level 166: 3 Maple Warrior (9)
Level 167: 3 Maple Warrior (12)
Level 168: 3 Maple Warrior (15)
Level 169: 3 Maple Warrior (18)
Level 170: 3 Maple Warrior (21)
Level 171: 3 Maple Warrior (24)
Level 172: 3 Maple Warrior (27)
Level 173: 3 Maple Warrior (30 - Max)
Level 174: 3 Venom (4)
Level 175: 3 Venom (7)
Level 176: 3 Venom (10)
Level 177: 3 Venom (13)
Level 178: 3 Venom (16)
Level 179: 3 Venom (19)
Level 180: 3 Venom (22)
Level 181: 3 Venom (25)
Level 182: 3 Venom (28)
Level 183: 2 Venom (30 - Max), 1 Mirrored Target (2)
Level 184: 3 Mirrored Target (5)
Level 185: 3 Mirrored Target (Cool
Level 186: 3 Mirrored Target (11)
Level 187: 3 Mirrored Target (14)
Level 188: 3 Mirrored Target (17)
Level 189: 3 Mirrored Target (20)
Level 190: 3 Mirrored Target (23)
Level 191: 3 Mirrored Target (26)
Level 192: 3 Mirrored Target (29)
Level 193: 1 Mirrored Target (30 - Max), 2 Hero's Will (3)
Level 194: 2 Hero's Will (5 - Max), 1 Free Point (1)
Level 195: 3 Free Points (4)
Level 196: 3 Free Points (7)
Level 197: 3 Free Points (10)
Level 198: 3 Free Points (13)
Level 199: 3 Free Points (16)
Level 200: 3 Free Points (19)I have ZERO personal experience after extremely early 120's, and suggestions, with proper justification are more than welcome. Anyway, these are the reasons for this order. First off, one point in every attack skill, since they all replace or add to your attack skills immediately, and of course you'd want to mess around with them. Next is 1 on Mirrored Target and Venom for their passive effects at level 1, just as an off-chance while fighting. Next, Sharpness to increase your overall damage, and give you more pink numbers so that you can screenshot them and flaunt your secksi damage in the appropriate thread. After that is Blade Fury, your main mobbing skill, which will help you immensely while training, and then Final Cut. Blade Fury first because I find using Final Cut at LHC will kill you, so it's better to save it for a bit later. After that is Thorns, which, like Neo said, will directly and indirectly increase your damage output. Directly because it increases your attack, and indirectly because you get knocked back less, and therefore are able to deal more damage without moving towards the mob again. Phantom Blow after this, because I don't think you'll need to do any serious bossing before this point, though I'm porbably wrong. Nothing comes to me when I think about it, though. And then Maple Warrior after, your first Party Buff. It goes here because it increases your damage by a bit, and it helps out your party a bit more. Venom comes after Maple Warrior, since it already has a decent effect at level 1, unlike Maple Warrior which really as good as it should be unless it's maxed. Mirrored Target next, since it's only useful for the passive effect, and you have better things to level. Lastly, there's Monster Bomb, but the skill is almost totally useless, so I'll call it free points instead, since you can assign it to something else in previous jobs. You can put a point on Monster Bomb at any point if you want, just to see how pathetic it is.

This is one method of many try your own if anything.

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