Euphoria's Guild Rules

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Euphoria's Guild Rules

Post  Smatt on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:32 pm

Right Guys, Im going to make this short but sweet.

Guild Rules

To be a member of Euphoria doesn't require much; we ask a few simple things which enable us to be a happy and fun loving guild.

However there are some rules I must point out:

• No hacking, scamming or kill stealing
We do NOT tolerate hacking OR scamming will result in an immediate kick from the guild without question, we will also send a hacker report to Nexon. Please note that this includes benefitting from hackers in anyway, such as buying Illegit equips, taking advantage of exploits (directly or indirectly), or being in a party with hackers and leeching their exp. Even if you didn't use any illegal programs yourself, you will still be penalized.

• Guild/union chat
In-game, we speak a language which all guild and union members who are online can understand. That means almost always English. At the forums only English is allowed. The union is very big and we have a lot of active members, so If you have anything to say, keep it all on one line and don't spam.

• Respect
We respect our fellow guild members and act kind and friendly to each other. The junior masters position in the guild and union is exactly the same as the masters, so respect the junior masters – their decision is final. We also respect people in other guilds and try to stay out of trouble. Any member causing drama in the union or with other guilds will be expelled from the guild.

Finally the most important rules.
Have Fun
Be nice
Make friends
And enjoy your stay.

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