Bishop guide ascension

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Bishop guide ascension

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:39 am

1st job - Magician

1st Job Skill build is very straightforward! Make sure your stats are as follows by the time you reach level 30.
Your very first SP should be put into Energy Bolt so that you can start maxing Magic Claw.
1 Energy bolt
(Maxed) 20 Magic Claw
(Maxed) 10 MP Boost
(Maxed) 15 Magic Guard
(Maxed) 15 Magic Armor
6 more into Energy Bolt
In short: Max everything and put 7 into Energy Bolt.

Final should be
20 magic claw
10 mp boost
15 magic guard
15 magic armor
7 energy bolt

You get the 1 point in Energy Bolt so you can add points into Magic Claw which will be your default attack due to hitting 3 monsters with decent damage. Next MP Boost adds more MP, self explanatory. Magic Armor is maxed because since the Chaos patch made bless (a 2nd job skill) stackable with other skills this will make Magic Armor increase your defense by a bit. Also, using Magic Amor while training from 8-30 will relieve the need for HP pots slightly since you’ll take less damage. Then you max Magic Guard because it is an extremely vital skill in surviving at later levels. The last 6 points goes into Energy Bolt as there are no other skills to max.

2nd job - Cleric

Heal Oriented Leveling
1 Teleport
20 Heal (Maxed)
10 High wisdom (maxed)
5 Invincible
15 Bless (Maxed) (you may switch this with Spell Mastery)
20 Spell Mastery (Maxed) (you may switch this with Bless) ) – However, if you prefer a damage boost and would rather start adding that 20 SP into Spell Mastery you can always add 2 points into Heal and 1 point in Spell Mastery per level.
19 Teleport (Maxed)
20 MP Eater (Maxed) (you may switch this with Invincible)
10 Invincible (Maxed) (you may switch this with MP Eater)
1 Holy Arrow (there has been a suggestion to place holy arrow early cause at level 1 it is significantly more powerful then magic claw)

In short: Max everything and put 1 into Holy Arrow.

Final should be
20 heal (max)
20 teleport (max)
15 bless (max)
20 spell mastery (max)
20 mp eater (max)
15 invincible (max)
10 high wisdom (max)
1 holy arrow


This build focuses on your Heal skill which can be used to kill the undead such as scarecrows. This is an extremely fast and cheap build. You waste no HP pots, and very little MP pots. However, a majority of the undead are popular training spots making training in such places come with a double edge. While chances of getting into a party a little higher the chances of running into a kill stealing jerk are quite high.
First you get 1 Teleport for the mobility it provides (granted level 1 teleport is an MP drainer) Heal is maxed as it is THE main skill you use as a cleric. Max high wisdom here because it gives 40 int AND (in tespia) it gives 10 magic attack (i dunno if its just in tespia or what o-o). The 5 invincible is used to unlock Bless which is maxed due to it being a party buff as well it brings an increase to your damage. Spell Mastery is then maxed for even more damage to your Heal. Teleport is then maxed so the MP burn will stop and for higher mobility. Maxing MP Eater next drops the usage of potions down some more. Maxing Invincible after that gives you higher defense. The last point goes into Holy Arrow as the skill is replaced at level 70 by Shining Ray.
When and where you add your SP can vary slightly. If you want to Bless less often add 2 SP into that and 1 into Spell Mastery (or the other way around if you prefer damage over buff casting) at each level and the alternative can be done for Invincible and MP Eater as well. You can also max high wisdom elsewhere to max other more useful skills such as bless for your party or more teleport for more mobility and so on.

4023 ''Personally, for early 2nd job I would add 1 in Holy Arrow and Teleport at 30/31, max Spell Mastery, then max Heal. You're likely not going to be at Scarecrows until at least level 42, and that would make Heal level 15, which is more than enough to at least 2-shot Scarecrows 100% of the time (disregarding misses). Until then Holy Arrow will suffice.'' <--- this is also a great idea

3rd job - Priest

Training Build – Note, there is always the option to “kill two birds with one stone” and by that I mean adding 2 SP into your main skill and 1 SP into your preferred skill per level. Example: 2 into Holy Symbol and then 1 into Holy Focus. By doing this by the time your Holy Symbol is maxed your Holy Focus will be too and you’ll be able to max Shining Ray with the damage boost already applied beforehand.
1 Shining Ray
1 Teleport Mastery
3 Dispel
30 (Maxed) Holy Symbol
1 Mystic Door
6 Spell Booster
20 (Maxed) Holy Focus
29 ( Now maxed) Shining Ray
9 (Now maxed) Teleport Mastery
20 (now maxed) holy magic shell
7 (Now maxed) Dispel
14 Booster (now max) OR 10 doom (max)
9 (Now maxed) Mystic Door
dump last points in booster or doom depending on what you didn't max earlier

Basicly, max everything but the skill u dump in at the end
*note* if u max doom booster will be at level 11 at the end, if u max booster doom will be at level 1 at the end

Final should be
30 holy symbol (max)
10 dispel (max)
10 mystic door (max)
30 shining ray (max)
20 holy magic shell (max)
10 teleport mastery (max)
20 holy focus (max)
20 spell booster ( max) and 1 doom
10 doom (max) and 11 spell booster

1 Shining Rays right off the bat for the pretty damage and direct mobbing. 1 Teleport Mastery at level 71 for the damage and slightly extra range it provides. 3 Dispel to unlock Holy Symbol. Max Holy Symbol. 6 booster so it lasts 1 minute (which seems pretty decent to me) so you can cast far far faster. Get 1 Door for your party (if you party). Max Holy Focus next as it increases critical rate of Shining Ray (as well as Heal). Then max Shining Ray for better damage. Next max Teleport Mastery for more damage and range. Followed by Holy magic shell which is a GREAT pot saving skill and it will be needed by parties. Afterwards max out Dispel (it works on Ani when it uses shield). Now choose between max spell booster or max doom,
Max out Door to save rocks and make it last longer and dump your last points on booster or doom ( the skill you didn't max earlier)

Alternate Skill Build 1: Low shining ray
Max all your 3rd job skills and leave shining ray at 21/30 (for those sp resetting) cause AR > SR according to alot of peoples :O

Alternate skill Build 2: Low door (not as recommended unless u have a butt load of magic rocks)
Max all your 3rd job skills and leave door at level 1 /10

Alternate skill Build 3: mixed and balanced

Max everything and leave
9/10 Mystic Door (3mins)
12/20 Spell Booster (2mins)

Spell Booster or Doom?

spell booster has a benefit of +90 seconds of duration when maxed where doom allows you to turn mosnters to snails for 15 seconds at 90% with 10 seconds cool down

i personally would max doom as doom (when maxed) is used versatility in eather pqs, training, or for fun (it no longer uses 1 magic rock)
to me, the -90 second duration from spell booster isn't that major because in 4th job, bishops get buff mastery which increases spells duration making spell booster still last a high amount of 165 seconds total

However, most bishops have never found a use for doom and or prefer the longer duration of spell booster over doom. when maxed the duration of spell booster is 300 seconds (with buff mastery) and 200 seconds ( without buff mastery)

this allows spell booster to be marcoed with other skills such as invicible, advance / normal bless, invicible ; etc

4th job - Bishop

Youll have to do this yourself counldnt find one with a finished or even started 4th job build

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