Gunslinger guide ascension

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Gunslinger guide ascension

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:43 am

1st Job: Level 10-30
^Job Advancement
Head over to Nautilus Harbor and enter the gigantic whale submarine in the middle of the map.

Once inside, go to the right a little bit and enter the portal with a sign above it engraved with an up arrow. This portal will take you up one floor.

Go to the very left and enter the portal to the left of Muirhat. This portal will take you to the command room. Now speak to Kyrin and choose to advance as a Pirate.

Congratulations! You are now a Pirate! Now you can do what you want cause a pirate is free! Yarr!

^1st Job Skills
Bullet Time
Permanently increases Accuracy and Avoidability.
• We're accurate enough as it is, but the sizable passive boost to avoidability is pretty nice.

Flash Fist
A fast single-target punch.
• Useless for Gunslingers, as it isn't that great for inflicting damage in combination with a gun, but it can activate the sigils in CWKPQ, so you might want to get a point in it for that reason alone.

Somersault Kick
A close-ranged move that hits up to 6 monsters when maxed, but its range is pathetically short when used with a gun.
• This is somewhat useful in 1st job for killing multiple monsters that get close to you, but becomes completely useless once you hit 2nd job and get level 1 Invisible Shot.
• Note - You can increase the range of Somersault Kick by equipping a bigger weapon like a spear or pole-arm.

Double Shot
An extremely fast, single-target skill with long range.
• This will be your strongest attack against single monsters all the way until you get Burst Fire in 3rd job, and as such is incredibly useful. Must be maxed to unlock Burst Fire in 3rd job.

A fairly good mobility move that gives a burst of speed and 20 jump when activated.
• This skill can be quite useful as a mobility booster if you don't have Haste.
• Note - To activate Dash all you have to do is tap the arrow keys twice in the movement you are facing. Ex: If you want to go right just tap the right arrow key twice and vice versa if you are facing left.
• Note - You can also hotkey Dash if you don't feel like double-tapping the movement key.

^Build 1: Double Shot First
10: 1 Double Shot
11-16: 3 Double Shot
17: 1 Double Shot (max) 2 Dash
18-19: 3 Dash
20: 2 Dash (max) 1 Somersault Kick
21-23: 3 Somersault Kick
24: 1 Somersault Kick (level 11) 2 Bullet Time
25-30: 3 Bullet Time (max)

End Result:
Max Double Shot
Max Dash
Level 11 Somersault Kick
Max Bullet Time

• You could also take a point out of Somersault Kick and put it into Flash Fist, if you want to complete all of the pirate training center quests. Somersault kick isn't all that useful anyways, so it won't hurt you at all.
• Additionally, Flash Fist can be used to activate the Pirate Sigils in CWKPQ, in case you don't have any of the skills needed to activate them yet.

Explanation: Double Shot is maxed first as your primary attack, then Dash is maxed for the mobility boost.

Somersault Kick is raised next as a mob move, and then Bullet Time is maxed for its long term benefits.

^Build 2: Mobbing First
10: 1 Double Shot
11-16: 3 Somersault Kick
17: 2 Somersault Kick (max) 1 Double Shot
18-23: 3 Double Shot (max)
24-26: 3 Dash
27: 1 Dash (max) 2 Bullet Time
28-30: 3 Bullet Time (level 11)

End Result:
Max Somersault Kick
Max Double Shot
Max Dash
Level 11 Bullet Time

• You could also take a point out of Bullet Time and put it into Flash Fist, if you want to complete all of the pirate training center quests.
• Additionally, Flash Fist can be used to activate the Pirate Sigils in CWKPQ, in case you don't have any of the skills needed to activate them yet, or want a slightly more MP efficient means of activating them.

Explanation: The first point goes into Double Shot as a long ranged move, then Somersault Kick is maxed to increase mobbing capabilities.

After that, Double Shot is maxed as the main 1v1 move, Dash is maxed for the extra mobility, and the remaining points are dumped into Bullet Time.

^2nd Job: Level 30-70
^Job Advancement
Congratulations! You have made it to level 30! Head on back to the control room of Nautilus Harbor and talk to Kyrin.

Ask her to make you into a Gunslinger and she will send you to a special room where you will encounter multiple Octopi. Collect 30 of the items that drop from them and talk to Kyrin when you are done to exit to room.

• Special Note - If you have chosen the path of the Gunslinger you will find that ONLY Double Shot will work on these!

Speak to her again to become a Gunslinger!

^2nd Job Skills
Gun Mastery
Increases your minimum damage, accuracy, and the maximum number of bullets you can hold in each set.
• This is an extremely useful skill. It drastically stabilizes your damage, resulting in much faster overall kill times, and also gives you an extra 200 bullets on top of the normal maximum limit whenever you reload.

Critical Shot
Increases your critical rate by +20% and the minimum critical damage you deal by +10%.
• This is another great skill to have, since it's a free damage boost.

Invisible Shot
A medium range attack that hits up to 3 monsters.
• This skill is much more powerful than Somersault Kick for Gunslingers, and becomes your main mobbing move even when it is level 1.

When maxed, hits up to 6 monsters and burns them. The distance the grenade travels depends on how long you hold the skill key.
• This is an interesting skill. It's not very useful when your first get it, but has potential use in 4th job, unlike Invisible Shot which gets replaced in early 3rd job.

Gun Booster
Increases your attacking speed by up to 2 stages.
• Another great skill. Increasing your attacking speed boosts your damage, and therefore your killing and training speeds.

Blank Shot
Stuns up to 3 monsters with a 100% rate when maxed, but since Gun Mastery don't work with it its damage is extremely unstable. Has a slightly shorter range than Invisible Shot.
• Blank Shot is mostly useless at lower levels since monsters die so fast there is almost no point stunning them, and completely useless at higher levels since Ice Splitter does the same thing better. The low mob count is another downside.

When you use Wings, your character performs a normal jump but then falls much more slowly than usual.
• This skill that has situational uses. Can be quite useful if used in the right places.
• If you keep tapping the Wings key, you will keep floating until you either hit the ground or stop pressing the button. Remaining in the air for over a minute can be quite amusing.

Recoil Shot
When you use this skill, your character will be shot backwards from the recoil of the bullet.
• Recoil Shot is basically a miniature Flash Jump that can inflict damage. Helps Gunslingers get from point A to point B much faster than walking. For best results, use Recoil at the top of a jump.
• Note - Create a macro with Recoil Shot followed by Wings for optimal mobility. The macro will use Recoil Shot, then immediately use Wings upon touching the ground, conserving most of the momentum which creates a much farther glide.

^Build 1: New Standard
30: 1 Invisible Shot
31-36: 3 Mastery
37: 2 Mastery (max) 1 Invisible Shot
38-43: 3 Invisible Shot (max)
44-45: 3 Booster
46-48: 3 Critical Shot
49: 1 Critical Shot (max) 2 Wings
50: 3 Wings
51-56: 3 Recoil Shot
57: 2 Recoil Shot (max) 1 Wings
58: 3 Wings
59: 1 Wings (max) 2 Booster
60-63: 3 Booster (max)
64-69: 3 Grenade
70: 2 Grenade (max) 1 Blank Shot

End Result:
Max Mastery
Max Invisible Shot
Max Booster
Max Critical Shot
Max Wings
Max Recoil Shot
Max Grenade
Level 1 Blank Shot

This is the best 2nd job build to use now. The reason for this is because Blank Shot is almost completely worthless now.

• Monsters die quickly enough that stunning them won't save you many pots.
• Blank Shot isn't compatible with Battleship in 4th job.
• Blank Shot only stuns up to 3 monsters, which in later levels is only half of a mob, leaving the other half still blasting you with magic attacks.

This build gives you the faster 2nd job training of the Invisible Shot build while retaining the ability to Grenade to inflict extra burn damage against bosses that use Cancel Weapon at higher levels.

Explanation: First you get 1 Invisible Shot, as it is extremely useful even at level 1, then max Mastery to stabilize your damage, and then max Invisible Shot to further increase its damage.

Then you get 6 points into Booster so that it lasts for a full minute, and max Critical Shot to increase your damage.

Next you get Wings and Recoil Shot to increase your mobility, and then max out Booster so that you won't have to recast it as often.

Finally, Grenade is maxed so that you will have it for bosses that use Cancel Weapon at higher levels, and the last point is dumped into Blank Shot.

^Build 2: The Mad Bomber
30: 1 Invisible Shot
31-36: 3 Grenade
37: 2 Grenade (max) 1 Wings
38: 3 Wings
39: 1 Wings, 2 Recoil Shot
40-45: 3 Recoil Shot (max)
46: 3 Wings
47: 2 Wings (max) 1 Mastery
48-53: 3 Mastery
54: 1 Mastery (max) 2 Booster
55: 3 Booster
56: 1 Booster, 2 Critical Shot
57-58: 3 Critical Shot
59: 2 Critical Shot (max) 1 Booster
60-63: 3 Booster
64: 1 Booster (max) 2 Blank Shot
65-70: 3 Blank Shot (max)

End Result:
Level 1 Invisible Shot
Max Grenade
Max Wings
Max Recoil Shot
Max Mastery
Max Booster
Max Critical Shot
Max Blank Shot

Disclaimer: Grenade is NOT an attacking skill, because it does not work with Mastery, and therefore does not do enough damage to mobs. Rather, Grenade is used for its burn damage against mobs and at higher levels, lets you inflict more damage against bosses that use Cancel Weapon.
If you want your mobbing skill to function as a head-on attacking skill, then get Invisible Shot.

To clarify, standing in the middle of a group of monsters while dropping Grenades at your feet is NOT how this build is supposed to train! If you find either yourself doing this or simply prefer training that way, than the Invisible Shot build is the route for you.

Explanation: Level 1 Invisible Shot is still incredibly useful for training, so put the first point in there.

Max Grenade first as your primary training move, then get Wings and Recoil Shot to increase mobility for faster training.

Get Mastery next to stabilize your damage, put 6 points into Booster so that it lasts for 1 minute, and max Critical Shot to further increase your damage.

Lastly, max Booster so you don't have to re-cast it as often, and use the remaining points to max Blank Shot.

How this Build trains: Burn damage is the name of the game here. Instead of mindlessly spamming Grenade, you should hit a monster (or group of monsters) with Grenade once, and then repeat the same thing elsewhere on the map while letting the burn damage do the rest of the work for you.

This build can net you pretty decent training when played right. Just chuck a grenade onto the monsters, head elsewhere on the map on your mad bombing-spree, and come back once you’ve finished circling the map to finish off the now (presumably) 1 hp monsters.

Also, Grenade does not have to be fully charged to get maximum damage or anything like that. Just tapping the Grenade button when you are in (or above) a monster's face makes it MUCH easier to hit monsters than flinging fully-charging Grenades all over the place.

The way you train during 2nd job using this build is almost exactly how a Pizard (f/p mage that uses poison) would train, except Grenade can mob whereas Poison Brace can not.

Lastly, the burn damage from Grenade stacks with the burn damage from Flamethrower, so you can still get pretty decent mileage out of the skill in 3rd and 4th job, since it isn't totally outclassed by Flamethrower.

^Build 3: Invis + Blank
30: 1 Invisible Shot
31-36: 3 Mastery
37: 2 Mastery (max) 1 Invisible Shot
38-43: 3 Invisible Shot (max)
44-45: 3 Booster
46-48: 3 Critical Shot
49: 1 Critical Shot (max) 2 Wings
50: 3 Wings
51-56: 3 Recoil Shot
57: 2 Recoil Shot (max) 1 Wings
58: 3 Wings
59: 1 Wings (max) 2 Booster
60-63: 3 Booster (max)
64-69: 3 Blank Shot
70: 2 Blank Shot (max) 1 Grenade

End Result:
Max Mastery
Max Invisible Shot
Max Booster
Max Critical Shot
Max Wings
Max Recoil Shot
Max Blank Shot
Level 1 Grenade

Explanation: This is how Gunslingers did things pre-BB.

First you get 1 Invisible Shot for your main training skill, as it is extremely useful even at level 1, then max Mastery to stabilize damage, and max Invisible Shot to increase its damage even more.

Next get 6 Booster so that it lasts for 1 minute, and then Critical Shot to further increase your damage. After that get 5 Wings to unlock Recoil, then max Recoil and Wings for the mobility boost. Max Booster next so that you do not have to recast it as often.

Max Blank Shot next cause you can, and it stuns, which is helpful against stuff that doesn’t freeze. Finally, dump the last point into Grenade.

^Ultimate Adventurer/Explorer


50: 5 Wings, 6 Booster, 20 Mastery (max) 10 Critical Shot (max) 20 Recoil Shot (max)
51: 3 Wings
52: 2 Wings (max) 1 Booster
53-56: 3 Booster
57: 1 Booster (max) 2 Grenade
58-63: 3 Grenade (max)
64-69: 3 Blank Shot
70: 2 Blank Shot (max) 1 Invisible Shot

End Result:
Level 1 Invisible Shot
Max Grenade
Max Wings
Max Recoil Shot
Max Mastery
Max Booster
Max Critical Shot
Max Blank Shot

Explanation: At level 50, Mastery and Critical Shot are maxed to increase damage, while Booster is raised to 6 to increase attacking speed.
Then Wings is raised to unlock Recoil, and Recoil is maxed to increase mobility.

After that, Wings is maxed for a further boost to mobility, and Booster is maxed so that it doesn't have to be recast as often.

Finally, you max Grenade and Blank Shot, then dump the last point into Invisible Shot.

• The reason Invisible Shot is left at level 1 is because you have Sharkwave, which has much more range than Invisible Shot, hits more monsters than Invisible Shot, and level 1 Sharks even outdamages Invisible Shot if it hits the full 4 monsters. (which is VERY easy to do, considering its massive range)

^3rd Job: Level 70-120
^Job Advancement
Congratulations! Now that you have hit level 70, it's time to become an Outlaw!
What you now need to do is head over to El Nath and talk to Pedro, who is the instructor for Pirates.

He will ask you to obtain two things, the Necklace of Strength and the Necklace of Wisdom.

Start by going back over to Victoria Island. Go to the Nautilus and talk to Kyrin. She orders you to go to the Door of Dimension, which can be found at Jr. Balrogs chamber in Sleepywood.

• To get to the door, just go to Sleepywood, and keep going right. You really can't miss it

Once you get to it, talk to the Door of Dimension, and you will be transported to a mini dungeon. Head right, and defeat the clone of Kyrin found there. Collect the item that drops from the Kyrin clone, and return to the real Kyrin in the Nautilus, who will now give you the Necklace of Strength.

Head back to Pedro in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Strength. After doing this, go to Sharp Cliff I, which can be reached either by constantly heading right from El Nath, or by taking the Danger Zone Taxi right outside of the House Pedro is in, then talking to the NPC at the top of the map.

Once you arrive at Sharp Cliff I, go into the yellow portal at the bottom floor and hop all the way down to the bottom of the map. Talk to the gigantic crystalline NPC and it will give you a quiz.

• The quiz answers can be found here.

Once you complete the quiz, you will receive the Necklace of Wisdom.
Return to Pedro and give him the Necklace.

Congratulations, you are now an Outlaw!

• Important Notice: If you are playing in a pre-Chaos version of Maplestory, you will need a refined Dark Crystal to take the quiz.
• Also, if you fail the quiz you will need to obtain another Dark Crystal in order to take it again
^3rd Job Skills
Burst Fire
Adds an extra bullet and increases the damage % of Double Shot. This skill must be maxed to unlock Rapid Fire in 4th job.
• A passive damage upgrade to Double Shot.

The first of our 2 summons. When maxed, this skill allows you to summon an Octopus which will attack anything that gets too close to it.
You can have up to 2 Octopi out at once (increased to 3 once you get Wrath)
Note - This skill must be maxed in order to unlock Wrath of the Octopi in 4th job.
• Not really useful until it’s upgraded to Wrath of the Octopi, although summoning it before bosses spawn in places like Rex PQ and Mu Lung Dojo still nets you a damage boost.

The second of our 2 summons. This is an attack seagull, which will randomly fly around the map and drop a grenade on the first monster it encounters.
You can have up to 4 Gaviotas in the air at once.
• Similar to Octopus in its usefulness, but unlike Octopus, Gaviota has zero casting time, and can be summoned in the middle of virtually ANY attack to provide a boost to your DPM, and can be quite useful as a DPM booster when used right.

The first half of the new mobbing combo Outlaws get in 3rd job. Flamethrower hits up to 6 monsters with 380% damage and does 80% DoT for 8 seconds when maxed.
Note - The burn from Flamethrower stacks with Grenade.
• Great mob attack. Combo this with Ice Splitter for complete mob destruction.

Ice Splitter
The second half of the new mobbing combo Outlaws get in 3rd job. Ice Splitter hits up to 6 monsters with 340% damage and freezes them for 4 seconds when maxed.
Note - Monsters frozen by Ice Splitter can be "defrosted" by Flamethrower.
• Great mob attack. Combo this with Flamethrower for complete mob destruction.

Homing Beacon
Throws an egg at a monster. This attack allows you to shoot through any monsters that get between you and the monster that you "egged", and lasts until the monster is dead or you get dispelled.
This skill must be maxed to unlock Bullseye in 4th job.
Note - Your bullets will go through other monsters to hit the selected target. Note that mob attacks will still hit the surrounding monsters.
• As a pre-requisite for Bullseye, this skill must be maxed by the end of 3rd job, although it can be put off until the very end.

Lucky Dice
Throw a 6 sided dice and get a buff depending on what you rolled.
Roll a 1 You get nothing. This roll sucks.
Roll a 2 +30% weapon defense. Stacks with buffs like Iron Defense.
Roll a 3 +20% hp and mp. Stacks with Hyper Body.
Roll a 4 +15% critical rate. Stacks with Sharp Eyes.
Roll a 5 +20% damage. Stacks with stuff like Bullseye, Pirates Revenge, and +20/30% boss damage potential.
Roll a 6 +30% experience. Stacks with stuff Holy Symbol and x2 exp.
• Lucky Dice is amazing. It can do things like drastically increase your damage output, increase exp gain, and even make your screen full of red damage numbers.
Of course, it sucks when you roll lower numbers, but it’s still a great skill overall.

^Build 1: Icy Hot
70: 1 Burst Fire
71-83: alternate between (1 Ice Splitter, 2 Flamethrower) and (2 Ice Splitter, 1 Flamethrower) (Flamethrower max)
84: 1 Ice Splitter (max) 2 Lucky Dice
85-90: 3 Lucky Dice (max)
91-96: 3 Burst Fire
97: 1 Burst Fire (max) 2 Octopus
98-106: 3 Octopus
107: 1 Octopus (max) 2 Gaviota
108-113: 3 Gaviota
114: 1 Gaviota (level 21) 2 Homing
115-120: 3 Homing (max)

End Result:
Max Flamethrower
Max Ice Splitter
Max Lucky Dice
Max Burst Fire
Max Octopus
Level 21 Gaviota
Max Homing

• If you want you can put a point into Homing Beacon at level 71.

Explanation: Burst Fire does 172% per bullet at level 1, and 210% per bullet when maxed. So it starts off great at level 1, but gets crappy returns with any further points, so leave it at 1 for now.

Flamethrower and Ice Splitter are amazingly powerful moves that can completely obliterate pretty much any mobs you find. These 2 skills, when alternated, create a devastating wave of icy-hot goodness that will leave your targets both frozen AND burned.

Ice Splitter freezes any non-boss monsters it hits (with a few exceptions), and Flamethrower does burn damage similar to Grenade, only with sightly higher base damage and for 1 extra second.

After your mobbing moves you max Lucky Dice for its potentially awesome effects, then Burst Fire for the extra 1v1 damage.

Next max Octopus, because IMO it's a more useful boost than Gaviota.

Once you max Octopus get 21 Gaviota, cause the extra points here help more than the extra points in Homing, and finally max Homing so you can get Bullseye in 4th job.

^Note for UAs
As an ultimate adventurer, while maxed Flamethrower/Ice Splitter will still out-damage Sharkwave, the power of Sharkwave is great enough that you can switch up your builds to max the more utility-type skills first if you want.

• Uses less mana.
• Your single-target damage will reach maximum levels before a regular adventurer.
• You get to max Dice faster.

• Your mobbing will be a bit weaker than a regular adventurer until you max out Flamethrower and Ice Splitter.

70: 1 Burst Fire
71: 1 Roll of the Dice, 1 Gaviota, 1 Homing Beacon
72-77: 3 Roll of the Dice
78: 1 Roll of the Dice (max) 2 Burst Fire
79-83: 3 Burst Fire
84: 2 Burst Fire (max) 1 Ice Splitter
85-90: 3 Ice Splitter
91: 1 Ice Splitter (max) 2 Flamethrower
92-97: 3 Flamethrower (max)
98-107: 3 Octo (max)
108-113: 3 Gaviota
114: 2 Gaviota (level 21) 1 Homing Beacon
115-120: 3 Homing Beacon (max)

Explanation: 1 point in Burst Fire for the huge single-target damage increase. 1 point goes into Gaviota because it does surprisingly good damage at this level. 1 point in Homing Beacon for the amazing utility it brings to the table against high health targets you want to focus (aka: bosses).

Lucky Dice is maxed first because it is an amazing buff, followed by Burst Fire for the single-target damage increase.
After that Ice Splitter is maxed for the ability to completely shut down a mob while your Sharks devour it.

I suggest Flamethrower next just for the raw mobbing damage that the Fire/Ice combo brings to the table, but if you're fine with your current mobbing capabilities, you can wait to max it whenever.

Octo is maxed next for any bosses you might fight, as well as the ability to keep an area of a map clean, followed by Gaviota for even more boss damage.

Finally, you max Homing Beacon to unlock Bullseye in 4th job.

^Build 2: Old School
70: 1 Burst Fire
71-76: 3 Burst Fire
77: 1 Burst Fire (max) 1 Gaviota, 1 Octopus
78-86: 3 Octopus
87: 2 Octopus (max) 1 Ice Splitter
88-93: 3 Ice Splitter
94: 1 Ice Splitter (max) 2 Gaviota
95-100: 3 Gaviota (level 21)
101-106: 3 Flamethrower
107: 2 Flamethrower (max) 1 Homing Beacon
108-113: 3 Homing Beacon
114: 1 Homing Beacon (max) 2 Lucky Dice
115-120: 3 Lucky Dice (max)

End Result:
Max Burst Fire
Max Octopus
Max Ice Splitter
Level 21 Gaviota
Max Flamethrower
Max Homing
Max Lucky Dice

Old-school Jr. Newt build, with lucky dice at the end. This build was designed to optimize single target damage as quickly as possible.

Because this build focuses on maximizing damage against single targets, it could be useful for stealing more exp from Rex if you are planning to do Hoblin PQ till 90 or 100.

Burst Fire is maxed first, followed by Octopus, Ice Splitter, 21 Gaviota, Homing, Flamethrower, and finally Lucky Dice.

*Important Notice*
You will NOT be able to train at newts until well into 4th job, PERIOD. This is just a novelty build that I put in for those who want to challenge themselves, or re-live the "good old days" by using the build most Outlaws did BEFORE the Big Bang.

This build is no longer exp-optimal after the Big Bang, due to the changes to the accuracy system that will make you 100% miss newts until you're level 130 or so, as well as the massive damage buffs given to Flamethrower and Ice Splitter.

Since this is pretty much a joke build now, I tried my best to write an entertaining story instead of the usual explanation, so enjoy.

Explanation: (in stereotypical grumpy old man voice) Darn kids, got themselves some new ideas in dem heads. Darn forgot about deir ROOTS! In MY day we didn’t have those big fancy numbers on Flamethrower or Splitter. Those moves were a NOVELTY! (grumbles)

My faithful Octopus joined me in the field as soon as he was able. I pulled out the ol’ Glaze Caps today. The change wasn’t half bad, I guess.

Gaviota dropped by fer a visit today, we had us a nice chat. He gave me some of those Homing eggs, too! That brightened up my day.

Found my old Blaze Caps sitting on the top shelf collecting dust. Figured I might as well dust ‘em off and see how they’ve held up through these years.

My granddaughter gave me a set of those new-fangled dice of all things! They’re actually pretty nifty, but the girl should learn what things were like when the ONLY buff we had was booster! She might appreciate these dice then, instead of whining whenever she rolls a low number.

^4th Job: Level 120-200
^Job Advancement
Congratulations! You have reached level 120!
This job advancement will be the most tedious one you have encountered so far.

First, head on over to El Nath and talk to Pedro the pirate instructor, who will tell you to go to Leafre and talk to Samuel.

• To get to Samuel, go to Leafre and go through the left most portal. Go all the way to the left and go through the portal again.
Now do it again.
Now do it for the last time.
Go to the right and head through the portal past the walking goats, it will be at the bottom right of the map. Now you will be in a map with evil sheep, go through the top right portal.
At the very top right of this map is where the 4th job instructors reside.

Talk to Samuel and listen to his stories, after he's done talking he will ask you to hunt for a Heroic Pentagon and Heroic Star.

Travel to the Manon and Griffey maps. When you get there, there are portals leading to individual areas for you to fight them, one person per channel.
You have to fight Manon and Griffey alone, so a party won't help you.

Once you have the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon, bring them to Samuel to finalize your advancement.
Congratulations, you are now a Corsair!

^4th Job Skills
Maple Warrior
Increase the stats off all party members by 15% when maxed.
• Every job gets this. If you train at LHC, chances are you will be in a party with at least 2-3 people who have this skill.

Elemental Boost
When maxed, increases the damage of Flamethrower and Ice Splitter by 80% increases the burn damage of Flamethrower by 30%, and increases the freeze duration of Ice Splitter by 4 seconds.
• Not essential, as Torpedo outdamages Flamethrower and Ice Splitter, but having Ele Boost at level 1 is still nice to have as it increase the power of Flamethrower and Ice Splitter by 22% each and extends the freeze duration of Ice Splitter by 1 second.

Wrath of the Octopi
Upgrades Octopus by doubling the rate of fire, increasing the number of Octos you can have summoned at once to 3, increases the damage per shot, and extends the summon duration.
• Many people choose to leave Wrath at level 1, as the first point already doubles Octos rate of fire, adds an extra 55% damage, increase the maximum summon limit, and increases the summon duration by 5 seconds.

Pirates Revenge
When maxed, Pirates Revenge has a 40% chance of activating, increasing all of your damage by +15% for 45 seconds. 50 second cooldown.
• This is a great damage boosting skill that remains active most of the time.
• Special Note - This skill can activate ANY time damage is taken, including falling and even poison damage!

Air Strike
A full map attack that hits up to 10 monsters and does 1150% damage when maxed. Basically a Corsair ultimate. Has a 20 second cooldown.
• Sucks in comparison to the other ultimates. Only real use is as a lure.

Rapid Fire
Basically Hurricane for Corsairs. Low damage per bullet, but with a high rate of fire.
• Level 1 Cannon outdamages even maxed Rapid Fire, so Rapid Fire isn't all that useful when you can sit on your ship all day.

When maxed, Battleship gives +20 atk, +600 HP and MP, and +700 weapon and magic defense.
• This is the signature move of a Corsair. When you are on Battleship, you gain the ability to use both Cannon and Torpedo, which are our strongest single-target and mobbing moves, respectively.

Battleship Cannon
Fires 5 Cannonballs which deal 300% damage each and have an added +20% critical rate when maxed.
• If Battleship is our signature, then Cannon is our signature attack. This attack is stronger against single targets than any other skill in our arsenal, even at level 1.

Battleship Torpedo
When maxed, Torp hits up to 6 monsters at 900% damage each.
• Torpedo is your new mob killer. Most Corsairs get 1 point in Torp at 121 and finish maxing it out later, as at level 1 it out-DPMs the Flamethrower/Ice Splitter combo, even against 6 monsters!

Mind-controls monsters temporarily to make them attack other monsters instead of you.
• One interesting thing about Hypnotize is that it stops monsters from attacking you whether it works or not. 1 point could be useful for de-aggroing bosses like BGA/BGB and stuff.

This is an upgrade to Homing Beacon. When maxed, it makes you do an additional +20% damage to any monster under the effect of Homing Beacon, and also increases the impact damage of Homing Beacon to 620%.
• Bullseye is great. When maxed, it is basically an extra "5" Dice against a monster of your choosing. A definite must-max skill.

Heros Will
Cures you from the Seduce curse.
• Situational use. Can be useful at some of the bigger bosses, like Czak and Horntail.

^Build choosing
There are two basic skill paths you can take in 4th job as a Corsair: Bossing and Training.

• The Bossing route revolves around maximizing your 1v1 damage output, and maxes skills like Battleship, Cannon, and Bullseye as soon as possible.
• The Training route's focus is on killing mobs as quickly as possible, so the powerful multi-target Torpedo gets maxed ASAP.

Keep in mind that your skills at level 200 should end up being the same whether you took the Bossing or Training paths. The only difference between them is the type of training you plan to be doing the most during early 4th job.

^Build 1: Bossing Skills First
*120: 1 Battleship, 1 Cannon, 1 Torpedo
121-123: 3 Battleship (max)
124-132: 3 Cannon
133: 2 Cannon (max) 1 Pirates Revenge
134-136: 3 Pirates Revenge (max)
137-142: 3 Bullseye
143: 2 Bullseye (max) 1 in whatever

End Result:
Max Battleship
Max Battleship Cannon
Max Pirates Revenge
Max Bullseye

Getting There...
Getting There...

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