Bandit guide ascension - similar build for all patches

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Bandit guide ascension - similar build for all patches

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:07 am

Skill Builds for Rogues

We have a total of 61 usable Skill Points, but we need a total of 85 Skill Points to Max everything on the 1st job. Obviously we are missing 24 points so we cannot Max everything. Here are my suggested 1st Job builds, use at your own discretion.

New Regular Rogue:
Level 10 - 17: +20 Double Stab (MAXED)
Level 17 - 18: +3 Disorder (3)
Level 18 - 21: +10 Dark Sight (MAXED)
Level 21 - 28: +20 Nimble Body (MAXED)
Level 28 - 30: +7 Disorder (MAXED) + 1 Extra Skill Point
End Results:
Double Stab (MAXED)
Dark Sight (MAXED)
Nimble Body (MAXED)
Disorder (MAXED)
1 Extra Skill Point to be placed anywhere.

New Sin-Dit AND Veteran Bandits
Comments: This is for Bandits who want to have Lucky 7 + Keen Eyes on 1st Job OR already have Savage Blow.
Level 10 - 17: +20 Lucky 7 (MAXED)
Level 17 - 18: +5 Keen Eyes
Level 19: +3 Disorder (3)
Level 20 - 23: +10 Dark Sight (MAXED)
Level 23 - 28: +16 Nimble Body (16)
Level 28 - 30 : +7 Disorder (MAXED)
End Results:
Lucky 7(MAXED)
Keen Eyes(MAXED)
Dark Sight(MAXED)
Disorder (MAXED)
Nimble Body (16)

I have not used Double Stab ever since I got my Savage Blow Skill on the 2nd job, so I don’t see any reason as to why having it once the Big-Bang gets here and our Skill Points get reset. As a matter of fact, Level 1 Steal is stronger than a Max Double Stab even when fighting 1 vs. 1. In the other hand, there have been situations in which I would have liked to do be able to throw stars with Keen Eyes. Because of this I would suggest that if you already have Savage Blow to forget about Double Stab once the Big-Bang gets to GMS. The 20 points of Double Stab could be much more useful if used in Lucky 7.
I choose to sacrifice 4 Points into Nimble Body because, Post – Big Bang, 12 Accuracy are not going to be "crucial" in any way. If you feel the need for those 12 Accuracy and Avoid-ability points you could leave Disorder at Level 6. But even Disorder seems to be more useful that Nimble Body after the Big Bang because Disorder diminishes the defense of the Monster that has been "Disordered" by 10% when Maxed, and if this can be used on Bosses it makes it even sexier.
If you do not want to sacrifice Nimble Body you could either keep:
Disorder at Level 6 or,
Lucky 7 at Level 16 or,
Some kind of compromise between these options.
Please remember that you CANNOT sacrifice Dark Sight. Dark Sight has to be maxed!

Bandit – 2nd Job

Dagger Mastery: Improves the mastery of daggers
Max Level 20:
Pre-Big Bang: 60% Mastery (Not added, but total), +20 Accuracy
Post-Big Bang: +50% Mastery (Not total, but added), +60 Accuracy.[/b]
Formula: +Mastery = 10%+2%*Skill Level; Accuracy + 3*Skill Level
The Big-Bang gives Bandits a 20% base Mastery, with Max Mastery one would go up to 70% Mastery (20base+50Skill). This means that you are getting 10% extra Mastery and 40 extra Accuracy. The Accuracy System has been changed so we probably won’t need it, but it comes free with the Mastery

Dagger Booster: Use MP to increase the weapon's attack speed by two stages. Can only be used with daggers. Requires Level 5 Dagger Mastery.
Max Level 20:
Pre-Big Bang: HP -10, MP -10; Improves dagger speed for 200 seconds.
Post-Big Bang: -11 MP, increases the attack speed for 200 seconds.
Formula: Duration = 10*Skill Level
Delay: 600ms
Dagger Booster no longer uses HP but it takes one more MP, nothing really big.

Haste: Increase the speed and jumping ability of everyone in the party.
Max Level 20: -30 MP, +40 speed, +20 jump for 200 seconds.
Formula: Duration = 10*Skill Level; Speed=2*Skill Level; Jump= Skill Level
There is no change here. But then again, there is no reason for them to change it.

Steal: Hit multiple enemies one time, with a chance to steal one of the enemy's items, as well as stunning the enemies. Requires Level 5 Haste.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -24, Steal chance: 40%, Stun: 4 sec, Damage: 130%, attacks up to 4 enemies
Post-Big Bang: Max Level 20: -24 MP, Steal change 40%, Stun: 4 sec, Damage 300%, attacks up to 4 enemies.
Formula: Damage = 200% + 5%*Skill Level; Level 1-6: 2 Second Stun, 2 Monsters Attacked; Level 7-13: 3 Second Stun, 3 Monsters Attacked; Level 14-20: 4 Second Stun, 4 Monsters Attacked
Delay: 600ms
The Damage increased by 170% per attack, meaning a total of 680% Damage increase. It also requires 10 less Skill Points for Max Level.

Savage Blow: Deal very fast consecutive attacks. It attacks 6 times.
Max Level 30:
Pre-Big Bang: -27 MP; Attack 6x with 80% Damage.
Post-Big Bang: -26 MP, Attack 6x with 90% Damage.
Formula: Damage per Hit = 60% + 1%*Skill Level
Delay: 720ms
An increase of 10% Damage per hit, which is a total of 60% Damage increase. Also it now attacks 6x regardless of Level. Meaning that Level 1 Savage Blow>Maxed Dagger Booster.

Endure: Additional recover of HP and MP, you do not need to be on a ladder.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 20: Recovers an additional 100 HP and 40 MP every 10 seconds
Post-Big Bang: The skill gets deleted from our Skill Book.
We got a new skill called Shadow Resistance but we lost Endure. I do actually like Endure, I find the extra 40 MP every 10 seconds useful. But I prefer Shadow Resistance over Endure.

New Skill
Shadow Resistance: Increases your affinity with the darkness by permanently increasing maximum HP and resistance to status afflictions and elemental attacks.
Max Level 20: +10% maximum HP, 20% immunity to status, +20% resistance to all elements.
Formula: Skill Level = % Immunity Status = +% Resistance to all elements; +% Max HP=Round-Up(1/2*Skill Level)
It works as a passive Hyper Body and Elemental Resistance combined. Not as good as the Spearman’s Hyper Body or the Priest’s Elemental Resistance, but it is a nice addition to the Bandit’s passive skills.

Skill Builds for Bandits

We have a total of 121 points and we need 130 points to Max every skill given in the 2nd job. Therefore, we are missing 9 points to Max all of the Skills in our Skill Book. Please note, that these are general suggestions, therefore they are not going to apply to everybody individually. This means that, although this is my recommended build, people with different training styles may choose different order of adding Skill Points, ie: Early Haste.

Regular Bandits – Very Early Levels
Comments: This Skill Build is for Bandits that added Double Stab in First Job.
Level 30: +1 Dagger Mastery (1)
Comments: Level 1 Dagger Mastery increases Mastery from 20% to 32%. A 12% Min-Damage increase from 1 Skill Point.
Level 31-34: +5 Haste (5); +7 Steal (7)
Comments: We have need a Level 5 Haste to unlock Steal, and then add 7 Skill Points into Steal to be able to hit three monsters per attack. According to my calculations, %DPM-wise, Level 1 Dagger Mastery + Level 7 Steal beats Level 13 Dagger Mastery with Double Stab. This is why we hold Dagger Mastery a few more Levels.

Sin-Dits – Very Early Levels
Comments: This Build is for Bandits that did not add Double Stab in First Job.
Level 30-31: +4 Haste (4)
Level 32: +1 Haste (5); + 1 Steal (1); +1 Mastery (1)
Comments: Placing the first Skill point into Dagger Mastery is not going to help you because you are not using a dagger right? So we unlock Steal first, add one point and then 1 into Mastery
Level 33-34: +6 Steal (7)
Comments: Level 7 Steal hits up to three Monsters, thus making it way better than Double Stab + Mastery.

Skill Points Distribution up to Level 34 (Both Builds):
Dagger Mastery (Level 1)
Haste (Level 5)
Steal (Level 7)

*The main difference between the two builds described above is the order of raising the Skills. Sin-Dits should stop using Lucky 7 as a main attack as soon as Steal and Mastery are Level 1.

Intermediate Step
Level 35-36: +4 Dagger Mastery (5); +2 Dagger Booster (2)
Comments: Even when taking into account having to recast Dagger Booster every 20 seconds, a Level 5 Mastery + Level 2 Dagger Booster + Level 7 Steal, beats a Level 1 Mastery + Level 13 Steal. Please keep in mind that my calculations assume re-casting Booster as soon as its 20 seconds are up.
Level 37: +3 Steal (10)
Level 38: +1 Steal (11); +1 Dagger Booster(3); +1 Mastery(6)
Comments: A 30 second booster might not sound very long, but if we actually do the math we will get that due to its low delay in re-casting it is not too bad, and raising Steal Level is actually better %DPM-wise.

Skill Point Distribution up to Level 38:
Dagger Mastery (Level 6)
Dagger Booster (Level 3)
Savage Blow (Level 1)
Steal (Level 11)

Late Bandit Stage
A little divergence occurs here, depending on your preference of Steal. Steal is extremely useful on Second Job, and some people would argue for its usefulness on 4th Job as well, but it can quickly be replaced in Third Job by Band of Thieves. Instead of writing down every possible Skill Build, I am going to write down the main general scheme for people with different tastes to follow. For my comments on Steal’s usage in Fourth Job please visit the Steal Usage in Fourth Job Section in Part II of the Guide.
1. If needed, Level Up Steal (11, 14 or Maxed)
Comments: If you already have Level 11 Steal, and do not wish to add any more points skip this step. More information on Max Steal vs. Level 11 Steal below.
2. Max Mastery
Comments: It probably seems as a late stage to Max Mastery, but in terms of %DPM we are right where we want to be.
3. Max Savage Blow
Comments: I consider this skill one trademark of the Bandits. Now that Steal is actually useful Savage Blow might not be used as often, but it does not cease to look amazing. This Skill also mixed very nicely with the Meso Explosion + Pickpocket combo. In fact even at Pickpocket Level 1, Meso Explosion Level 9, Savage Blow beats Assaulter Level 1 when bossing. Also a part of it reads: “Cut until the sky bleeds” which is Epic. Not even a Level 20 Assaulter + Meso Explosion can beat a Maxed Savage + Meso Explosion, when Meso Explosion and Pickpocket are high Level enough.
3. Max Haste and Level up Dagger Booster
Comments: Do I really need any comments as to why Max Haste? It is freaking Haste! And a higher Dagger Booster means having to recast less often. You could vary with the order of this as you will. But I would get Dagger Booster at least to level 6, then Max Haste and then add some more Booster.
5. Max Shadow Resistance
Comments: Hyper Body, Elemental Resistance, and Self-Dispel (sort of) combined. This Skill makes a really nice addition to the Bandit’s passive Skills Book.

But… add how many points on each?
Well depends on whether you want to Max Steal or not. Here I present to you the Pros-Cons of Maxing Steal.
- Faster Training on Second Job
- Higher Steal Chance, which some people argue helps in Fourth Job
- Not being able to Max Booster (or another Skill)
- A slightly slower %DPM in Third Job if Booster is sacrificed, about a 0.25% lower %DPM if Booster is left on Level 11. Please note it is 0.25% not 25%.
- Not being able to have Haste and Booster in a perfect Macro (200 Seconds for both)
This is what somebody PM’ed me about sacrificing some Haste to max Booster and Haste have a similar duration:

nhoccon92: The only draw back of steal is that it costs point of Dagger Booster. I have a solution: why don't we leave Haste at 16? I maxed my speed at lv 14. There are many equips provide extra spd and jump. Nowadays we even have potential system, that can even help us max jump.
While I do agree that we can Max Speed and Jump without Haste, I rather have my Haste maxed. I can’t really explain why, I just know that I like having a Max Haste. Also I don’t have speed equips on my Bandit, only a +3 Jump from my Helmet. But if we were to do sacrifice Haste, we could keep Haste at Level 16 and Dagger Booster at Level 15 so that they can go in a Macro together. Also if I don’t Max haste I can picture people calling me noob for not having a Maxing it.
If you decide to Max Booster, Steal will remain on Level 11 and be able to hit only up to three monsters. An option to get Steal to hit up to 4 Monsters is to raise it up Level 14, thus being able to hit up to 4 Monsters, and keep Booster on Level 17. This would be a compromise of both options, you get to hit 4 Monsters while having Booster last 170 Seconds, not too shabby. Post – Big Bang leveling on Second Job is so easy that although not Maxing Steal will hinder your training at Second Job, it wouldn’t be enough for it to be hell to Level. Therefore if you think you can make it through Second Job without a Maxed Steal, this might be the Build for you. Before deciding please read the Steal Usage in Fourth Job Section in Part II of the Guide for information on Boomerang Step + Steal in Fourth Job. If you want to know what I am going to do, well it is simple. I am going to Max Booster and keep Steal at Level 11 because I already have a Maxed Band of Thieves and I just don’t see myself using Steal with Boomerang Step. Another option is not to Max Savage Blow, but I do not approve of it simply because I am in love of Savage Blow. Savage Blow IS stronger than Assaulter in Third Job due to Meso Explosion. Assuming Shadow Partner affects Meso Explosion, Savage Blow + Meso Explosion is about 20% stronger than Max Assaulter + Meso Explosion.

End Results:
Dagger Mastery (MAXED)
Savage Blow (MAXED)
Shadow Resistance (MAXED)
Haste (MAXED)
Steal (MAXED or Level 11 or in between)
Dagger Booster (Level 11 or MAXED or in between)

Chief Bandit – 3rd Job

I hope you are ready to piss your pants in happiness, because we get very awesome stuff, they are just AWESOME.
Shield Mastery: Increase the Physical and Magic defense if a shield is equipped.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 20: Defensive power of the Shield +100% when shield is equipped
Post-Big Bang: Max Level 10: Increase physical and magic defense with 100%.
Formula: +Physical and Magical Defense = 10%*Skill Level
Shield Mastery used to be the most useless Skill in a Chief Bandit’s Skill Book because it only doubled the defense of the Shield. But Post - Big Bang it doubles the defense of the Character, not only the Shield. Also it now takes 10 less Skill Points for the Skill to be maxed. Not a bad improvement at all. Still not a top priority Skill though. For a chart to see how much Shield Mastery helps in diminishing Damage please go to the Defense Calculations Section in Part II of the Guide.

Chakra: Use MP to recover your HP. Can only be used with less than half of your maximum HP.
Pre – Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -27, Recovery rate 300%, Damage 112% during recovery if hit
Post – Big Bang: Max Level 10: -140 MP, 300% Recovery. 60% Damage received if hit while using Chakra.
Formula: Recovery Rate = 100% + 20%*Skill Level, Damage received = 100% - 4*Skill Level
Delay: 1500ms
Chakra was improved, there is no argument there. Mastery Level was reduced, cast time was reduced and Damage received was reduced too.

Assaulter: Attacks a single enemy with incredible power and speed. The enemy may be stunned.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -26, Damage: 500%, Stun chance: 80%
Post-Big Bang:Max Level 20: -24 MP, 290% Damage with 3 hits, 80% chance to stun for 4 seconds.
Formula: Damage per hit = 230% + 3%*Skill Level; Chance of Stun = 20% + 3%*Skill Level; Stun Duration = 2s for Level 1-9, 3s for Level 10-19, 4s for Level 20
Delay: 900ms
I love this. 290%*3 = 870%, that means a 370% Damage Increase. I don’t quite see why they needed to split the attacks into three medium attacks instead of just one big attack. But the end result is still awesome nonetheless. And we get 10 Free Skill Points.

Pickpocket:Mesos will fall off the enemy while attacking it. It requires Level 3 Meso Explosion.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 20: MP -50; Success rate 60% for 180 seconds
Post-Big Bang:Max Level 10: -50 MP, 60% chance that Mesos will fall off the enemy for 150 seconds.
Formula: Duration = 100 + 5*Skill Level; Chance to drop Mesos = 10% + 5%*Skill Level
Delay: 900ms
10 Free Skill Points, I Love it. It is 30 seconds shorter than before but no big deal. From what I have seen the Pickpocket + Meso Explosion Combination is everything but useless even at Fourth Job Post – Big Bang. For more information visit the Pickpocket + Meso Explosion Combination in Part II of the Guide.

Band of Thieves: Summon fellow robbers to hit multiple enemies.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 30: -25 MP, summons 5 bandits for 250% Damage.
Post-Big Bang: Max Level 20: -30 MP, attack up to 5 enemies for 395% Damage.
Formula: Damage = 315% + 4%*Skill Level; Level 1-9: 3 Targets, Level 10-19: 4 Targets, Level 20: 5 Targets
Delay: 600ms
I absolutely adore this Skill. It is one of my favorite Skills as a Chief Bandit, and the fact that it is stronger and faster to Max now makes it even better. We get an increase of 145% Damage per enemy, which means that it can go up to an 860% Damage Improvement. To make it even better, our Range has been increased, mostly our Range to hit monsters behind us. See this Youtube Video to get a better idea of how large our range is now. I am not certain on whether the description is right on how many targets Band of Thieves hits. As you probably know, Pre-Big Bang Band of Thieves summons 5 Bandits, but your dagger itself can also hit a Mob, thus making it 6 targets. I can’t find any definite proof on whether Post – Big Bang it is 5 Mobs total, or 5 Mobs attacked by the summons and 1 Mob attacked by the dagger. We are going to have to wait until the Big Bang hits Global Maple Story. We do get 10 Free Skill Points, though. I just Love this Skill.

Meso Guard: Use Mesos to guard 50% of the Damage. Damage reduction and consumption rates vary by skill Level. Meso Guard requires Level 3 Chakra.
Max Level: Meso cost is 61% of the mitigated Damage, 180 seconds duration.
Pre-Big Bang: Max Level 20, -35 MP
Post-Big Bang: Max Level 10, -37 MP
Formula: Duration = 120 + 6*Skill Level; Mesos Consumption Rate = 81%-2%*Skill Level
Delay: 900ms
It works exactly the same except that we can Max it half as fast now, pretty cool in my opinion.

Meso Explosion: Explodes Mesos on the ground to attack monsters.
Pre-Big Bang: MP -30; Mastery 100%, explode up to 20.
Post-Big Bang: Max Level 20: -30 MP, 180% Damage per attack, up to 10 enemies, up to 15 bags explode.
Formula: Damage = 100% + 4%*Skill Level; Number of Targets = 5 + Round-up (Skill Level/4); Number of Bags = 5 + Round-down (Skill Level/2)
Delay: 750ms
Meso Explosion has been nerfed and improved at the same time. For more information in how Meso Explosion’s Damage is now calculated please visit the Pickpocket + Meso Explosion Combination Section in Part II of the Guide.

New Skill
Dark Flare: Summon Dark Lord's giant Shuriken to reflect attacks. The Shuriken reflects damage whenever an enemy attacks nearby party members within range. Cannot reflect more than half of the target's maximum HP.
Max Level 20: -100 MP, summons Dark Flare for 60 seconds, reflects 1300% of Damage dealt. Cool-down: 60 Seconds
Formula: Duration: 20 + 2*Skill Level; Damage = 300% + 50%*Skill Level; Cool-down = 260s for Level 1-3, 220s for Level 4-7, 180s for Level 8-11, 140s for Level 12-15, 100s for Level 16-19, 60s for Level 20
Delay: 600ms
Dark Flare works nicely when luring or bossing. When luring, you get all the Monsters in one area and then spam BoT, if you lure them to the place where Dark Flare was summoned then it will be constantly attacking, because you will be in the nearby range. When bossing, if the boss is not moving, the concept is the same as luring, you can stay in the nearby range of Dark Flare. For this two cases Dark Flare may speed up training (or Bossing) a bit. For information on how the Reflected Damage is Calculated please visit the Dark Flare Section in Part II of the Guide.

New Skill
Shadow Partner: Summon a shadow that will attack with you for a period of time. Requires a Summon Rock.
Max Level 20: -80 MP, summon a shadow for 180 seconds that deals 50% of the Damage you're dealing.
Formula: Damage: 10% + 2%*Skill Level; Duration: 60s for Level 1-5, 100s for Level 6-11, 140s for Level 12-17, 180s for Level 18-20
Delay: 1500
It’s OK if you piss your pants now. Shadow Partner is not exactly a “New” Skill because Hermits have had it since Third Job came out. But, it is new to us Bandits, or Chief Bandits to be more precise. There are no words to describe how happy I am to have this Skill, it’s just wow.

New Skill
Flash Jump: Performs a second jump in the air. The higher the Skill Level, the further you'll jump.
Max Level 20: -12 MP, jump a certain distance.
Formula: MP Consumption: 52 – 2*Skill Level
Just as Shadow Partner this is not quite a “New” Skill because Hermits have it. But, to us Chief Bandits it is new. Although it is not as good as Shadow Partner, I will take it happily.

Skill Builds for Chief Bandits

We have a total of 151 Skill Points in Third Job and we need 160 Skill Points to Max every Skill in the Third Job. As you can easily calculate we are missing 9 Skill Points just as we were on the Second Job. Since we cannot Max everything is time to prioritize and set rules as to what we can sacrifice and what we cannot compromise. We cannot compromise Shadow Partner, Band of Thieves, Meso Explosion and Pickpocket, in that order or relevance. Meso Guard is a really good Skill, but Level 1 Meso Guard and Level 10 Meso Guard mitigate the same damage the only difference is the duration of the Skill and the amount of Mesos used. I do recommend maxing Meso Guard, but it is not a must. So what about the rest? Well, Shield Mastery has gotten a nice improvement, but it still far from being a needed Skill. Dark Flare reflects back damage which could in theory speed up Bossing and training (especially if luring). Then we have our mobile Skills, Flash Jump and Assaulter. Both are really helpful and fun to use, but neither of them is a must-be-maxed Skill. Flash Jump allows you to move around easier from place to place, and platform to platform. While Assaulter allows you to quickly move a certain distance acroo a monster while dealing damage. We also have our Healing Skill, Chakra. Chakra is probably one of the best options to sacrifice. A Potion works much faster than Chakra without needing to be below 50% maxHP before using it. There are some occasions where Chakra could be very helpful though, ie: Dojo. One of the cons in sacrificing Chakra is that you would still need to take 2 Skill Points from another Skill because Meso Guard requires at least a Level 3 Chakra. What I mean with all of these is that if you sacrifice Chakra you would have 2 Un-Maxed Skills in your Third Job Skill Book. I myself do not care about having 2 Un-Maxed Skills in my Third Job Skill Book but some would rather sacrifice only 1 Skill, which is entirely up to the player.

Early Chief Bandit Stage

Shadow Partner First
Level 70: +1 Assaulter (1)
Comments: Assaulter is also a really good Skill when you are training due its mobility capabilities. Let’s say for example there are 3 monsters in front of you and you are using Steal to kill them and then another monster shows up behind you, what do you do? Well if you have Assaulter you can turn around attack and now that monster would be in the same side as the other 3 monsters you were attacking before, meaning that now you have 4 monsters to use Steal to. Not bad, huh? Also Level 1 Assaulter is stronger than Maxed Savage Blow
Level 71-77: +20 Shadow Partner (MAXED)
Comments: Shadow Partner increases the attack from all the Skills you have. This means that even at Shadow Partner Level 1 all of your Skills start to inflict more Damage I just cannot hold my love for this Skill.
Level 77-78: +3 Chakra (3); +1 Meso Guard (1)
Comments: Sadly we need Chakra in order to have Meso Guard. Even if you are planning to Max Chakra do not raise any more points for now. 1 Skill Point into Meso Guard is enough to diminish all damage taken by 50%. Level 1 Meso Guard lasts for 126 Seconds and takes 79% of the Damage diminished in Mesos.
Level 79-85: +20 Band of Thieves (MAXED)
Comments: If you think that Steal is good, wait until you try Band of Thieves. Unlike Steal, Band of Thieves does not only attack forward but it also attacks behind you. Some of you might think that if we wait this long to max Band of Thieves we won’t be able to train at Typhons in the early 80’s anymore. Well right now Typhons are Level 100 and if they stay at that Level we are going to miss a lot Post - Big Bang due to the new Miss-Rate System. Korea Maple Story does not have New Leaf City so there is no information on how Nexon America is going to deal with New Leaf City Monsters Post – Big Bang, but I doubt they will bring Typhons Level to the 80’s. It is just a hunch though. As a side note, there is no need to have Meso Guard before Band of Thieves so you could start raising Band of Thieves as soon as your Shadow Partner has been maxed. But I would recommend having at least 1 Skill Point into Meso Guard before Band of Thieves because that way you have to go back to buy Potions less often, and it can also help if you are training at places that can 1-hit or 2-hit Kill you.
Reasoning for this Build
By starting with Shadow Partner you get to increase all of your attacks at once, which is a major plus. With Maxed Shadow Partner Steal deals 450% per Monster, Savage Blow does 810%, and Assaulter Level 1 hits 1048.5%, these three should be your main Attack-Skills until Band of Thieves replaces Steal. Also Shadow Partner starts to improve these two said Skills since Level 1, meaning that unlike the Band of Thieves first build you start seeing faster training and higher damage since the Level 1 Shadow Partner.

Band of Thieves First
Level 70: +1 Assaulter (1)
Comments: Assaulter is also a really good Skill when you are training due its mobility capabilities. Let’s say for example there are 3 monsters in front of you and you are using Steal to kill them and then another monster shows up behind you, what do you do? Well if you have Assaulter you can turn around attack and now that monster would be in the same side as the other 3 monsters you were attacking before, meaning that now you have 4 monsters to use Steal to. Not bad, huh? Also Level 1 Assaulter is stronger than Max Savage Blow.
Level 71-77: +20 Band of Thieves (MAXED)
Comments: Band of Thieves is going to be your main mobbing Skill in Third Job, it simply beats Steal in damage and in number of how many Monster it can attack.
Level 77-78: +3 Chakra (3); +1 Meso Guard (1)
Comments: Sadly we need Chakra in order to have Meso Guard. Even if you are planning to Max Chakra do not raise any more points for now. 1 Skill Point into Meso Guard is enough to diminish all damage taken by 50%. Level 1 Meso Guard lasts for 126 Seconds and takes 79% of the Damage diminished in Mesos.
Level 79-85: +20 Shadow Partner (MAXED)
Comments: Band of Thieves by itself is good, but with Shadow Partner it is just Heaven. You could start raising Shadow Partner right after Band of Thieves is maxed, but I think that waiting 1-2 more Levels in order to have Meso Guard in Level 1 is more beneficial than an early Shadow Partner, or at least more Meso-efficient.
Reasoning for this Build
We place one point into Assaulter mobility purposes. We quickly start raising our new mobbing Skill right away to help speed up training even further. In the first Chief Bandit Levels the people that chose Shadow Partner first will be stronger but once Band of Thieves starts hitting 5 Mobs it will be stronger than the Shadow Partner Build first. Why? Because Band of Thieves by itself beat Steal even with Shadow Partner. Steal with Shadow Partner hits up to 1800% when it hits 4 monsters, while Band of Thieves by itself can hit up to 2370% when it hits 6 monsters and 1975% when it hits 5 monsters. Also Band of Thieves hits not only forward but also backward, upward and downward. If Band of Thieves was nerf’d into only 5 Targets total at max Level, then this Build will not be stronger until Band of Thieves is Maxed at Level 77. But if Band of Thieves works as before, and it hits “x” targets with the summons and then 1 target is attacked with the dagger, then this Build will be stronger when Band of Thieves is Level 10.
Which build should I choose?
There are many factors that should matter when you try to make a choice between these two Builds. Mainly where are you training, and whether you want to see an increase in damage fast, or would you rather wait a little bit for an increase that is actually larger. If you train at a place where it is going to be hard to find monsters in groups of 5+ then I would recommend you to go for Shadow Partner first because Steal with Shadow Partner beats Band of Thieves (without Shadow Partner) in mobs of 4 or less. But if you train in a place where finding large mobs is easy then go you might want to go with Band of Thieves first, especially if you train at a place where monsters are coming for you from everywhere such as Gryphons. I am not saying Typhons because I doubt you could train at Typhons in your late 70’s or even early 80’s Levels Post – Big Bang. Also if you would rather see an increase in damage as fast as possible then go with Shadow Partner first because with the Band of Thieves Build you are not going to see an increase in damage until Band of Thieves starts hitting 5 Targets (Level 10 or Maxed, depending on whether Band of Thieves has been nerfed or not target’s wise). If for any reason you decided not to add Steal on Second Job, or left it below Level 14, then go for Band of Thieves first. Don’t get too stressed up upon what build to choose though, because by level 85 both Builds would end up with the same results, and getting to Level 85 should not be too bad Post – Big Bang.

Skill Points Distribution up to Level 85 (Both Builds)
Assaulter (Level 1)
Chakra (Level 3)
Meso Guard (Level 1)
Band of Thieves (MAXED)
Shadow Partner (MAXED)
+1 Extra Skill Point (See under Nuke Stage)

Nuclear Chief Bandit Stage

*I do realize how cheesy “Nuclear Chief Bandit Stage” sounds. If you can find a better name for this stage please tell me by commenting below or PM’ing me.
This is the only efficient Middle-Stage Build I can come up with. If you think that this “Nuclear Stage” should be postponed for later, comment below or PM me on how would you change it and your reasoning.

Level 85-86: +3 Meso Explosion (3); +1 Pickpocket (1)
Comments: Level 1 Pickpocket has a 15% Chance of dropping a coin, meaning 1 coin every 6-7 attacks. Level 3 Meso Explosion, explodes only 6 coins so you’ll be able to explode the max amount of coins about every 4 Savage Blows, 7 Assaulters, or 4-5 Band of Thieves. Please be aware that at this Level of Meso Explosion and Pickpocket unless you explode the same or more people than what you are attacking with Band of Thieves your training will actually slow down. In other words, if on average your Band of Thieves is attacking 4-5 Monsters, try to explode about 5 monsters per explosion too. The Range for Meso Explosion is pretty wide; therefore as long as your pool of money is extended well enough it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish this. Another little tip, only explode when there are as many coins as the maximum amount of coins that Meso Explosion can explode, thus maximizing Meso Explosions’ efficiency. Also, at this point Level 1 Assaulter is still a little bit better than Savage Blow.
Level 87: +2 Pickpocket (3); +1 Meso Explosion (4)
Comments: Trust me on this one. Adding 2 Skill Points to Pickpocket and 1 to Meso Explosion actually increases %DPM more than adding 2 Skill Points into Meso Explosion and 1 into Pickpocket. Also at this point Savage Blow + Meso Explosion starts beating Assaulter Level 1 + Meso Explosion
Level 88-94: +1 Pickpocket (10); +2 Meso Explosion (18) per Level
Comments: An early Meso Explosion + Pickpocket Build will help you at training and bossing. Meso Explosion beats Assaulter and Band of Thieves in terms of damage. The only downside to Meso Explosion is that it needs Mesos on the ground to attack, which is why a high Level of Pickpocket is recommended too. The next question will be, whether to Max Pickpocket before Meso Explosion or go the other way. Think about Pickpocket as your “delay” time for activating a bomb and Meso Explosion as the overall effect of those bombs. The higher the Level of Pickpocket the less you have to wait per bombing. But a higher Level of Meso Explosion will not only inflict more damage per bomb, but will be allow you to explode more bombs per attack and hit a larger number of mobs as well. In other words, do you want to be able to bomb a small amount of bombs with OK damage, but be able to do it a lot of times, or bombing a large amount of bombs with a high Damage, but having to wait a long time between bombings. The order I followed in here is basically just plugging-in numbers into the %DPM Bandit Calculator I’ve made to see what is better, level by level. It just happened to follow a nice +2 Meso Explosion, +1 Pickpocket sequence.
Level 95: +2 Meso Explosion (MAXED); + 1 Assaulter (2)
Level 96: +3 Assaulter (5)
Comments: Assaulter is raised in order to unlock Flash Jump, more on Flash Jump under Late Chief Bandit Stage.

Skill Point Distribution up to Level 95:
Assaulter (Level 5)
Meso Guard (Level 1)
Chakra (Level 3)
Band of Thieves (MAXED)
Shadow Partner (MAXED)
Meso Explosion (MAXED)
Pickpocket (MAXED)

Reasoning for this Stage
Meso Explosion is purely amazing, we need it Maxed. Meso Explosion deals great Damage, attacks up to 10 mobs and it has a great range. Post – Big Bang even the coins behind you explode, thus meaning it is actually feasible to reach the 10 mobs limit. Meso Explosion + Pickpocket acts like a second Shadow Partner, sort of, but not really. It acts like Shadow Partner because it virtually makes all of our attacks stronger. Our grinding is faster, our bossing is faster, and being totally honest, Meso Explosion looks super-sexy. In case you were wondering, by this point Savage Blow + Meso Explosion starts beats Assaulter (Level 1) + Meso Explosion by about 36%.This combination is by far the best option to Max right after Maxing Shadow Partner and Band of Thieves. The only problem I see with Pickpocket + Meso Explosion is that if you lack a pet with Meso Pouch, you are going to literally blow your money away. Pets do not pick-up the Mesos from Pickpocket, so that when you use Meso Explosion only the Mesos from Pickpocket will be blown up, and not the Mesos from Monster Drops. Assaulter is raised to Level 5 to unlock Flash Jump, more on Flash Jump under Late Chief Bandit Stage.

Late Chief Bandit Stage

There is a small divergence for the Late Stage, mainly due to which Skill you plan to sacrifice. Instead of posting all the plausible Build variations I am going to set-up a main scheme and explain what kind of variations could be made.
1. Flash Jump
Comments: Flash Jump is our own refillable Red Bull. It gives as wings and a mobility we could only dream of Pre - Big Bang. You could choose to keep it at Level 1 while Maxing Dark Flare and/or Assaulter, Max it now, or Max it while doing the other two. Place at least one Skill Point before moving on.
2. Dark Flare
Comments: Dark Flare is going to be really useful on bosses and places like Himes. Dark Flare does not follow you, so if you are training all over a huge map Dark Flare won’t be able to reflect the damage dealt to you by Monsters and will be useless. If you plan to train on places where you lure all the Monsters into one small area, like Himes or Typhons, then Dark Flare might be really useful. Be aware though that Dark Flare has a cool-down time. Only when Dark Flare is Maxed you can re-cast it as soon as it disappears.
3. Assaulter
Comments: As I already mentioned, Savage Blow is stronger than Assaulter when Bossing, even if Assaulter is Maxed because of Meso Explosion. But this does not mean that Assaulter is useless. In the first stages of Dojo Assaulter will actually be better than Savage Blow because you kill the Bosses in 1-2 hits. There is no much chance to use Meso Explosion if you kill the Monster in less than 3 hits, therefore it is as if we virtually don’t have Meso Explosion, thus making Assaulter far stronger than Savage Blow. Also Assaulter’s main purpose is going to be mobility, not damage. Assaulter is going to serve as a finishing and mobility move. By the time you hit this Late Chief Bandit Stage you’ve had Assaulter for over 20 Levels so you should know how resourceful it is. I would recommend not sacrificing Assaulter because even though you are not going to be training purely with Assaulter, it can help as a finishing move that does not only kill the Monster but also teleports you to the other side to keep doing Band of Thieves to the Monsters you couldn’t reach before. Let’s put it this way, Savage Blow is better for Bossing Monsters that take 4+ hits, but Assaulter is better as a finishing move when training.
4. Meso Guard
Comments: A higher Level of Meso Guard will increase the duration of the Skill and reduce the Mesos used. I highly recommend not sacrificing Meso Guard.
5. Shield Mastery
Comments: It has been improved but it is still a easy choice for sacrifice.
6. Chakra
Comments: It has been improved but it is still a easy choice for sacrifice.

Personal Skill Distribution
In case you are interested on how I am going to distribute my Skill points in the Late Chief Bandit Stage here is my basic Skill Distribution:
1. Raise Flash Jump + Dark Flare. I am going to start with 1 Flash Jump and 2 Dark Flare each Level. Once Dark Flare is Level 10 and Flash Jump is Level 5, I should probably know which one helps me out the most based on my training style and I will Max the one that I feel is the most useful.
2. Then I will Max the Skill (Flash Jump or Dark Flare) that wasn’t Maxed in the previous step.
3. Get Assaulter to Level 10 and see if I actually use it on regular training or not. If I use it constantly I will Max it right away; if not I will Max Meso Guard and then finish Maxing Assaulter.
4. By this time I should have an idea on how useful Chakra is or isn’t. If Level 3 Chakra is good enough to heal me 60%+ I’ll probably leave it there. If I think that Chakra is useful but it would be better if it healed more I will add a few more points. Get any extra Skill Points (if any) on Shield Mastery. I think that I might leave Shield Mastery at Level 6 and Chakra at Level 5.

Shadower – 4th Job

I am not a Fourth Jobber yet which means that I cannot give you a fair, intelligent or even knowledgeable description of these Skills. I am still posting the Skills and changes of them for purely informational purposes though, but without a Build. I will probably hit Fourth Job soon after the Big Bang and I will start updating more after that. Also, if someone out there has experience with Fourth Job and thinks that something I have said is wrong or misleading please let me know and I will correct it immediately. I am going to try to collect as many tips and advices from you all to complete this section as soon as possible.

Shadow Shifter: Increases the chance of evading enemy attacks by replacing yourself with a wooden puppet.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Shadow Shifter 40% chance to avoid
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Fake 45% chance to avoid
Formula: Chance to Avoid = 15% + 1%*Skill Level
It was slightly improved by 5%.

Venom:Permanently puts potion to the dagger. Poison can only bring down an enemy's HP to 1, not kill them.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Attack: 60, Duration: 8 sec, Poison chance: 50%
Max Level 30: 40% chance of poison, 140% damage per second for eight seconds
Formula: Chance to Poison = 10% + 1%*Skill Level; Damage per Second = 50% + 3%*Skill Level; Duration = 3 + Round-down (Skill Level/6)
No comments due to having a very small knowledge about DoT.

New Skill
Greed: Increases the efficiency of Meso-related skills.
Max Level 10: 20% increased Meso drop rate, +20% Pickpocket chance, Meso Guard +10% guarded damage, Meso Guard 20% reduced cost, Meso Explosion +60% damage per explosion
Formula: +Meso Guard Guarded Damage = 1%*Skill Level; +Meso Drop Rate = +Pickpocket Chance = Meso Guard Reduced Cost = 2%*Skill Level; +Meso Explosion Damage per Explosion = 6% Skill Level
I might not know much about Fourth Job, but I know that this Skill is amazing. It does not only make Meso Guard better, thus increasing our effective maxHP, but it also makes the Pickpocket and Meso Explosion combination stronger. And the extra Drop Rate is also welcome

Maple Warrior: Increases stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: -70 MP, increase all the stats with 15% for everyone in the party for 900 seconds
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: -70 MP, increase all the stats with 15% for everyone in the party for 900 seconds
Formula: Duration = 30*Skill Level; Increase in Stats = 1%*Round-up (Skill Level/2)
Delay: 1500ms

Assassination: Exit Dark Sight to attack an enemy 4 times for incredible damage. The final attack can deal critical damage, and damage increases while in Dark Sight.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Attack 120%, for 12 seconds, accumulative damage, Critical Damage 250%, for success rate 90%
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: -44 MP, 560% damage for 4 hits, the total damage for 8 seconds in Dark Sight.
Formula: Damage = 380% + 6%*Skill Level; Dark Sight duration = 3s + Round-up (Skill Level/7)
Delay: 1380ms

Taunt: Provoke up to 6 enemies. Targets acquire increased defense and higher experience and item drop rates. It requires Shadow Shifter Level 10.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Increases the Defense, EXP and Drop-Rate of the enemy by 40%
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: Increases the enemies’ Defense, EXP and Drop-Rate by 40%
Formula: +Target Defense = +Experience = +Drop-Rate = 10% + 1%*Skill Level
Delay: 1020ms

Ninja Ambush: A group of ninjas hiding in the bushes will ambush up to 6 monsters at once. HP cannot fall below 1.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -43, Damage 100%, for 12 seconds, attack range 200%
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -44, 200% damage, 14 seconds duration
Formula: Damage = 80% + 4%*Skill Level, Duration = 4 + Round-up (Skill Level/3)
Delay: 1500ms

Smoke Shell: Scatter around bombs and hide in the smoke. All party members will not be hit while being in the smoke.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 30: -45 MP, 60 seconds smoke. Cool-down 10 minutes
Max Level 30: -46 MP, 60 seconds smoke. Cool-down: 6 minutes
Formula: Duration = 30 + Skill Level
Delay: 1440ms

Boomerang Step: Hit multiple enemies by attacking them two times, with a chance to stun the enemies.
Pre - Big Bang: MP -26, Attacks 4 enemies, damage 500%, stun with success rate 90%
Post - Big Bang: Max Level 30: MP -40, 600% each attack, up to 4 enemies, 90% stun chance for 4 Seconds. Passive effect: +25% damage to Savage Blow, Steal, Assaulter and Band of Thieves
Formula: Damage = 450% + 5%*Skill Level; Chance for Stun = 30% + 2%*Skill Level; Number of Enemies = Level 1-14: 2 Mobs, Level 15-29: 3 Mobs, Level 30: 4 Mobs; +Passive Effect Damage on Savage Blow, Steal, Assaulter and Band of Thieves = 5% + 2%*Round-Down (Skill Level/3)
Delay: 690ms

Hero's Will: Shrug off abnormal conditions.
Pre - Big Bang: Max Level 5: -30 MP, 360 seconds Cool-down
Max Level 5: -30 MP, 360 seconds Cool-down
Formula: Cool-down=660-60*Skill Level

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