paladin sp guide ascension

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paladin sp guide ascension

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:12 am

1st Job:
Slash Blast - Maxed
Hp Increase - Maxed
You decide whether or not to max Iron Body Or Power strike, I chose Iron body because i rarely used Power strike, but I was a U/A so choose whichever you fine preferable, Power or Defense.

It has come to my attention that ground smash can replace slash blast fairly early, and if you go CO- reliant you may choose to leave Slash blast lower and max power strike for the 1v1 damage. Up to you though.

2nd Job Skills

Weapon Mastery- Permanently increase minimum damage and accuracy while using a blunt weapon/sword.

Weapon Booster- Use MP to increase weapon speed for a fixed amount of time.

Threaten- Use MP to summon an awesome ghost that reduces the Attack, Defense, and Accuracy of a monster by a percentage.

Power Guard- Use MP to encase your warrior in a defensive shell that reduces damage you take and reflects half of that damage back to the monster.

Ground Smash- Use MP to strike the ground and create a shock wave that strikes monsters in front of you.

Strength Training- Permanently increase the STR and DEX stats by 30 at max level.

Final Attack- Gives a chance to apply another attack after your initial attack.

2nd Job:
Weapon Mastery - Maxed
Weapon Booster - Maxed
Physical Training - Maxed
Final Attack- Maxed
Threaten - Maxed
Power Guard - Maxed
Ground Smash - 6 pts
You could opt for the CO- reliant build, leaving all the skills at 18/8 so that you can max them all, and taking advantage of CO in 3rd job to achieve this.

3rd Job Skills:

Fire Charge- Use MP to infuse your weapon with the fire element, increasing damage slightly and heavily against fire-weak monsters. Can be paired with thunder charge for extra damage.

Ice Charge- Use MP to infuse your weapon with the ice element, increasing damage slightly, freezing the mobs, and heavily increasing damage against ice-weak monsters. Can be paired with thunder charge for extra damage.

Thunder Charge- Use MP to infuse your weapon with the lightning element, increasing damage slightly and heavily against lightning weak monsters. Can be paired with ice, fire, and holy for extra damage.

Charged Blow- Use the power of your elemental charge to strike monsters in front of you (slightly ranged now!) for good damage. Does not cancel out any charges.

Magic Crash- Use MP to cancel buffs and stop monster from casting any more buffs for a set amount of time.

HP recovery- Use MP to recover HP, has a cooldown of 15 secs at max.

Shield Mastery- Permanently increase the defense when equipped with a shield. 200% at max. (Much, MUCH better post BB/Chaos!)

Combat Orders- Use MP to increase the levels of all skills of you and your party members by 2 for 180 secs. Will only increase 4th job skills past their max, and will bring lower than 4th job skills up to their max level. (i.e. level 18 heal will be level 20 with combat orders, but level 20 heal will still be level 20 with combat orders.

3rd Job:
Here's where skill application timing will really matter.
1st 6 in fire charge for good damage and decent skill duration.

Max Charge Blow (28 for now, eventually you'll max it late in 3rd job but leave it at 28 to take advantage of CO) for MAJOR increase in training speed. Pre ascension this might not have been the greatest idea due to dual charging + SB being more damage efficient than a low-leveled Charge blow, but due to the range + % damage increase of charge blow this build is more viable.

Max Fire charge (once again, 18 SP only).
Max Thunder Charge (1
Max Combat Orders (20)
Here's where the build diverges again, you can choose to
A. Max Shield Mastery first (If using a shield I recommend strongly because it pretty much makes you take "1" from every monster you train at )
B. Max Hp Recovery (Not recommended, but hey)
C. Max Ice Charge (Weaker than fire damage wise when paired with thunder, but you might like the visual/freeze effect).
D. Max Magic Crash (For bossing purposes, which you won't be doing so early in the game).

Which ever build you choose, its your choice but here's what i reccommend.
Max Shield mastery (1 ---> Max Ice Charge (1 ---> Max Hp Recovery ( ---> Max Magic Crash (1
You should have a few remaining points, max charge blow to 30 then dump them into whatever you please.

4th job skills:
Im a bit iffy on this but it should go something like this.

1 rush, 1 HH/Achilles (Again, personal preference.), 1 ACB
Max Divine Shield
Max Blast
Max Stance
Max Guardian
Max HH
Max Holy Charge
Max Rush

4th job is really where you pioneer your pally, choosing to go offensive first or defensive first is the main decision to be made. But remember, its YOUR character and YOUR path!

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