hero sp guide ascension

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hero sp guide ascension

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:13 am

Skill Builds
These are all really preference. There's very few true decisions to make, MP recovery vs Shout and Ground Smash vs Enhanced Basics. I hope to have explained the pros and cons and what you should do in a different section. Read up if you haven't read it yet.

^First Job
+1 Power Strike
+3 Slash Blast (Until Maxed)
+3 power strike (Until Maxed)
+3 HP Boost (Until Maxed)
+3 Iron Will (Lv11)

Maxed Power Strike
Maxed Slash Blast
Maxed HP Boost
Lvl 11 Iron Will

Reasons: I recommended using enhanced basics next level, therefore maxing power strike and slash blast will yield the best damage (seeing as they're your main attacks). The defense from iron will is negligible, and can be maxed late second job if you so choose.

• Alternate
Switch Power Strike with Iron Will

^Second Job
+5 Mastery
+6 Booster
+15 Mastery (Max)
+10 Physical Training (Max)
+20 Rage (Max)
+20 Final Attack (Max)
+20 Power Reflection (Max)
+11 Ground Smash
+14 Booster (Max)

Maxed Booster
Maxed Mastery
Maxed Physical Training
Max Rage
Max Final Attack
Max Power Reflection
11/20 Ground Smash

Reasons: Mastery first to unlock booster. Booster adds about 1.125 damage, if I remember correctly. Rest is fairly obvious, you can change the order if you want. It's your story ;-).

^Third Job
+20 Combo Attack
+20 Brandish
+20 Coma
+20 Chance Attack
+20 Panic
+20 Self Recovery
+20 Magic Crash
+11 Shout

Maxed Combo Attack
Maxed Brandish
Maxed Coma
Maxed Chance Attack
Maxed Panic
Maxed Self Recovery
Maxed Magic Crash
11/20 Shout

Reasons: Combo attack first for the power boost. Followed by brandish for a new mob skill. Coma is next for its large scale mobbing. Chance attack next to make use of that stunning from coma. As for self recovery and shout again that is up to the player but know this; shout becomes useless the second you head to LHC or if you do monster park. While self recovery has its uses from when you max it to 200. If you want shout go ahead and get it just keep those things in mind.

^Fourth Job
120: 2 Advanced Combo 1 Rush
121-130 Advanced Combo+28
130-140 max Intrepid Slash
140-145 max Combat Mastery
145- 153 get 20 stance
153-163 Advanced Final Attack (AFA)
163-166 10 Stance(maxed)
166-177 Enrage
177-188 Monster Magnet or MW
188-199- whichever one of the above you didn't do first

Reasons: Since monster magent only pulls 1 at lvl 1 you don't need to waste a point on it anymore at 120. Build follows normal until you get 20 stance. At this point you can either go for enrage or adv final attack. I put adv final attack first because of the 30 weapon attack and just how strong that hit is. 500% damage when you factor in adv combo. In essence your IS will hit 4 times. If you choose to go enrage fine you'll be able to boss single targets a bit faster but that 30 attack added in with rage adv bless and whatever other attack buffs you use adds up quite a bit. Rest of the build is just based on your preference and needs do them as you see fit.

There was some talk of maxing AFA before stance if you're at LHC, but that's up to you as you see fit.

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