The History of Euphoria

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The History of Euphoria

Post  Smatt on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:42 pm

Euphoria Information

Euphoria was founded in January 2010 and consists of about 30-50 active members of all ages. We are a friendly guild that welcomes all kinds of people regardless of religion, race or sexuality. The guild is quite mature and lots of members are over 20 years old, but we have no age requirement for joining as long as you fit in socially with the rest of the guild.

The guild is currently lvl 100+, but the purpose of the guild is not to become a big high-level guild with 200 members. We want to be an intimate group with active members who are close to each other and have a lot of fun together. To achieve this, we get together for small events several times a week. It may be anything from doing easy bossruns and PQs or even to commit collective suicide at a boss we from the start know is too strong for us.

We also train together a lot to make the grinding a little more fun.

Even the social part of having a guild is very important to us, and we want as many people as possible to use this forum. In fact, this is a requirement if you want to join our bossruns. We also have our own channel on Tinychat which is a chat room for our members with the opportunity to use a webcam if they want. Ingame we use Omen FM (Eu3 FM6) as our gathering spot, and when you don't feel for grinding you can just sit there and talk to the other members.

The Union

We are unioned with Hellbound, one of the oldest and most awesome guilds in EMS, and we're sure you'll love them almost as much as you love us Laughing

Euphoria is a part of the Omen union witch consists of the following guilds:

Euphoria – Our Main super Awesome guild.
EuphoriaJr – our junior guild which hosts our mules and Cygnus Knights.
Hellbound – Hellbounds main guild, lead by GhoulScout
Heilbound – Hellbounds alt char guild
NightBrigade - A "new char guild" for both Euphoria and Hellbound members who want to try out new classes.

The union works like one big guild, the Jr Masters in Hellbound have certain power over union chat obviously and are very friendly, So we hope you get to know them and learn to respect them. The Jr Masters of both guilds help eachother to run EVERY guild in the union, So you will owe them the same respect as if they were in our guild.


Guild Master:
* EIyne / Aprikos

Second in Command:
* EkZor / Yarthor
* Vronk / Vronky

Jr Masters:
* SuperMouse (Smatt) [Forum Admin]
* CandyBra / Fraidaho
* Jessii / iSawk
* ComboReaper

HellBound Master:

To all of the people mentioned above, Please respect them and owe them a lot of Thanks for looking after us all oh so well Smile

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