KMS ver. 1.2.154 - DualBlade / Monster Park Reorganization and hilla!

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KMS ver. 1.2.154 - DualBlade / Monster Park Reorganization and hilla!

Post  Joncwl on Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:21 am

TY dirk for finding this one.

Just noticed that KMS released a new patch with a couple of reorganizations and a new boss expedition!

In this patch, Dual Blade received a reorganization, and it is finally able to be created again! There is also a new boss, the Black Magician’s commander, Hilla!

Starting on March 5, in Aswan, the World Match will be closed. You can now fight the remnants of Hilla’s army up to 5 times a day. They drop Conquerer and Emperor’s Coins, and you can gain Honor as well.

Excitingly, Hilla has finally been released as a boss! She can be fought with an expedition of 2~6 people over level 120 twice a day, in either Normal (level 120+) or Hard mode (level 170+). She drops many desirable items! In Normal Mode, you can only get the first two on the list I’m about to post.

She has some special abilities, like summoning an Altar that attracts you to it until you defeat it, a cage that can only be broken by normal attacks from your party (only in Hard Mode, if you don’t do it in time the person dies and Hilla restores HP)!

I think Hilla is the first boss ever to drop a Cash item (the pet, Dark Soul, and its equipment)!

Stone of Eternal Life (3 to all stats, 3 attack and magic attack Pocket item, untradeable)

Necro weapons (level 120 weapons)
Necro weapon scrolls

Hell’s Fire (7 to all stats, 100 HP, MP, defense and magic defense, 2 attack and magic attack earrings, 5 slots, level 130, and untradeable)

Dark Soul (pet, lasts 90 days, is a multipet, comes with Meso Loot, untradeable, cannot be moved into the Cash wardrobe)
Dark Soul’s Earrings (pet equipment, 7 slots, cannot be moved into the Cash wardrobe)
Dark Soul’s Power Stones (20% chance to give 2 attack to the Dark Soul’s Earrings, with a 50% chance of breaking if failed)

Me and my guildmates decided to fight her (Normal mode of course, Hard is too hard!) and we defeated her pretty easily. I learned that the restriction of two per day is only for leading, so you can go in many more times than that!

Monster Park has been reorganized~ Monsters’ HP has been decreased and the amount of monsters per map has been increased! The drop rate for Monster Park ticket pieces has been doubled! Also, you might see this special monster randomly spawn while inside. If you defeat it, it can drop equipment that comes epic on reveal!

In addition, in Monster Park runs where you have defeated the special monster, when you enter the final portal after clearing, you’ll be taken to the Treasure Storage. Here, you can fight Bonus Spiegelmann for Greed Boxes that give special items when opened.

The books gives many prizes:

Pendant of Greed (2 to all stats, 5 slots, account tradeable)
Pendant of Greed Scrolls (25% attack/magic attack scrolls with a 25% chance to explode if failed and 30% stat scrolls)
Mystery Mastery Books
1.3x Experience Coupons
Secret Recipe
Monster Park Coins

This is the new character creation screen, focusing on Dual Blade!

Dual Blade creation has been changed! You can now choose your gender regardless of KSSN, and there are two default hairs and one default faces for each gender! (Did you notice my pro editing skills?)

The tutorial has been renewed! I recorded it for you guys, sorry for any little lag spikes I had, haha. P.S. You can see the changed Kerning City and thief hideout at the end of the video!

Dual Blade’s advancement system has also been changed: Level 10 – 1, Level 20 – 1.5, Level 30 – 2, Level 55 – 2.5, Level 70, 3, Level 120 – 4! At fourth job, Dual Blades can receive a special mount called the Dark Owl.

And now onto the skills! I have highlighted the changes from kMSt ver. 1.2.422 to this patch in red!

Dual Blade (1)

NEW SKILL: Side Step: Passively increase your base avoid by 15%. (master level: 10)

NEW SKILL: Sharp Slash: Quickly slash up to 3 enemies in front of you for 330% damage. (master level: 10)
NEW SKILL: Flash Jump: Jump once more while in the air. As the skill level increases, the distance moved will increase. (master level: 10)
Dual Blade (1.5)

NEW SKILL: Self Haste: Increase your speed by 40, jump by 23 for 200 seconds. Passively increase your maximum speed by 20. (master level: 10)
NEW SKILL: Tornado Spin: Dash forward and use a powerful spin attack to inflict 380% damage on up to 6 mobs while rushing them. If this skill is level 15, it can be used with level 10 or higher Flying Assaulter. (master level: 15)
MOVED SKILL: Blade Booster
Dual Blade (2)

NEW SKILL: Blade Booster: For 200 seconds, increase the speed of your blade by 2 stages. (pre-requisite: Level 5 Blade Mastery) (master level: 10)
CHANGED SKILL: Fatal Blow: master level has been decreased from 30 to 20, damage has been increased from 85% to 94%
CHANGED SKILL: Slash Storm: number of attacks has been increased from 2 to 3
UNCHANGED SKILL: Physical Training
Dual Blade (2.5)

NEW SKILL: Flying Assaulter: While in the air, quickly dash down and attack up to 8 monsters for 165% damage 4 times with a 20% chance to stun for 6 seconds, while rushing them. You must have 120% or higher jump to use this skill. If this skill is level 10 or higher, you can use it with level 15 Tornado Spin or level 20 Bloody Storm. (pre-requisite: level 10 Self Haste) (master level: 20) [requires mastery book at level 5]
CHANGED SKILL: Flash Bang: chance to blind monsters has been increased from 80% to 90%
CHANGED SKILL: Upper Stab: damage has been increased from 240% to 300%, amount of monsters hit has been increased from 6 to 8, additional damage to monsters in the air has been increased from 70% to 80%
MOVED SKILL: Tornado Spin
Dual Blade (3)

NEW SKILL: Shadow Evasion: Increase your dodge chance by 30%. If you dodge successfully, increase your attack by 15 and have a 100% chance to hit critical attacks for 1 second. (master level: 20) [requires mastery book at level 10]
CHANGED SKILL: Advanced Dark Sight: additional damage when using an attack in Dark Sight has been increased from 10% to 20%
CHANGED SKILL: Vital Steal: chance to activate has been increased from 5% to 10%
CHANGED SKILL: Bloody Storm: master level has been increased from 10 to 20, damage has been increased from 225% to 265%, number of attacks has been increased from 2 to 3, increases Tornado Spin and Flying Assaulter’s damage by 20%
CHANGED SKILL: Mirror Imaging: master level has been decreased from 30 to 20, duration has been increased from 180 seconds to 200 seconds
CHANGED SKILL: Chains of Hell: damage has been increased from 85% to 105%, now has a 10% chance of stunning the enemy for 4 seconds, Dark Sight is not required to use this skill anymore
UNCHANGED SKILL: Radical Darkness
MOVED SKILL: Flying Assaulter
Dual Blade (4)

NEW SKILL: Fatal Venom: Increases the effects of Venom. There is a 50% chance of inflicting a monster with Poison when attacking. Poisoned monsters will take 160% damage every second for 8 seconds. Poison can stack up to 3 times. (pre-requisite: 20 Venom) (master level: 10)
NEW SKILL: Blade Expert: Passively increase your accuracy and avoid by 15%, your attack by 30, and your mastery by 70%. (pre-requisite: level 20 Blade Mastery) (master level: 30)
CHANGED SKILL: Final Cut: HP consumption has been decreased from 20% to 10%, damage boost has been increased from 40% to 60%, duration of damage boost has been increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds, 1 second of invincibility is given after using this skill

CHANGED SKILL: Blade Fury: amount of monsters hit has been increased from 6 to 8, number of attacks has been increased from 3 to 4, now ignores 20% of a monster’s defense, effect has been renewed

Blade fury's damage didn't change which means it remains 165% instead of 150% (KMST)

CHANGED SKILL: Dummy Effect: HP has been increased from 12,000 to 20,000, now absorbs 20% of the damage you take while it is summoned
CHANGED SKILL: Phantom Blow: damage has been increased from 105% to 200%, amount of a monster’s defense ignored has been increased from 20% to 30%
CHANGED SKILL: Sharpness: minimum critical damage boost has been increased from 20% to 25%
Thanks to Fiel of Southperry for skill icons and animations!

With all this new stuff, obviously there has to be some events! The first is called the Dual Blade Reorganization Celebration event! It’s shorter in Korean… It starts today, on the 23rd, and ends once Dual Bladers cannot be created anymore. This confirms that they are not a permanent addition, yet again.

First off, all Dual Blades receive a freeSP Resetupon logging in (obviously).

All newly created Dual Blades receive a special gift, which contains three items. The first is a 30 day Pendant of the Spirit, the Newly Born Dual Blade medal, and the Owl Effect Cash item!

All Dual Bladers in the correct level ranges will receive free special mastery books! They have a 100% chance of passing!

Level 30+: Slash Storm 20
Level 55+: Flying Assaulter 20
Level 70+: Mirror Imaging 20
Level 80+: Shadow Evasion 20
Level 120+: Blade Fury 30 & Thorns Effect 30

All newly created Dual Blades that reach level 75 receive a free level 75 dagger and blade! They come unidentified, and also have special effects! When you are level 100 or more, the dagger gives an extra 8 attack, and the blade gives a 5% chance to hit 7% extra damage on a boss monster and 7 extra attack.

All newly created Dual Blades that reach level 50 receive the Dual Blade Ring! It gives 4 to all stats, 80 HP and MP, 3 attack and magic attack, 10 defense and magic defense, and 5% critical chance! It is tradeable through the account with the Share Name Tag!

This ring cannot stack with the other Adventurer Rings!

Next up is the Dual Blade Level Up event, which gives all Dual Blades items when you reach certain levels. You will see that almost all the checkpoints give this Go! Dual Blade! buff, and it’s a bit special so I’ll explain it.

This item is a buff that is used when double clicked, it gives HP and MP for 30 minutes. However, it does not go away once used, and has a 30 minute cooldown before it can be used again. It only runs out on the day it expires (May 1st)! Also, as you get more, the effect of this buff increases!

Level 10/20/30: Dual Blade Level Equipment Box, buff coupon
Level 15/25/35: Dual Blade Level Equipment Box, buff coupon
Level 40/50/60/70:Dual Blade Level Equipment Box, buff coupon
Level 45/55/65/75: Dual Blade Level Equipment Box, 1.5x Experience Coupon
Level 80: 60% Blade for Attack Scroll, buff coupon
Level 85: 60% Dagger for Attack Scroll, 1.5x Experience Coupon, buff coupon
Level 90: 60% Blade for Attack Scroll, buff coupon
Level 95: 60% Dagger for Attack Scroll, 1.5x Experience Coupon, buff coupon
Level 100: 60% Chaos Scroll, 1.5x Experience Coupon, buff coupon

All Dual Blades will receive special face accessories (masks) depending on their job advancement! All of the masks are untradeable and expire in 30 days (cannot be time extended) except for the final one at level 120, which does not expire and is tradeable through the account once.

2 (Lv. 30): Green Mask (1 to all stats, 30 HP and MP, 1 attack, 10 defense and magic defense, 5 accuracy and avoid)
2.5 (Lv. 55):Blue Mask (2 to all stats, 55 HP and MP, 1 attack, 20 defense and magic defense, 10 accuracy and avoid)
3 (Lv. 70):Purple Mask (3 to all stats, 70 HP and MP, 2 attack, 40 defense and magic defense, 15 accuracy and avoid)
4 (Lv. 120): Dual Blade Mask (4 to all stats, 120 HP and MP, 3 attack and magic attack, 60 defense and magic defense, 20 accuracy and avoid)

All Dual Blades also receive special medals based on their job advancement!

2 (Lv. 55): Storm in the Darkness (100 HP and MP)
3 (Lv. 70): Crossing Winds (1 to all stats, 150 HP and MP, 50 avoid)
4 (Lv. 120): The Brightest Shadow (2 to all stats, 200 HP and MP, 100 avoid)

Finally, a couple of Hot Times! The first is on February 25 and gives the Shiny Golden Headband!

If you didn’t notice, this is Dual Blade’s signature hat! It gives 10 to all stats, 100 HP and MP, 100 defense and magic defense, 25 accuracy and avoid, and 10 Craft. It has 10 slots, is untradable, and can be traded through the account once with the Share Name Tag.

Also, if you are a Slasher or Dual Blader, you receive a boost of 5% critical chance, 5 to all stats, 5 attack, and 10 speed! I guess they increased the stats from Tespia to match the other hats!

On February 26, you can get an AP Reset and SP Reset!

Oh and also, the Star Star Festival (season 7) has begun! You stay logged in game and collect Star Stamps, that you can trade in on the website for both in-game items (cubes, smegas, Maple Points, Nexon Cash) as well as real life items! I see a Macbook Air and iPad 2! You can see the prizes here

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