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Post  XBloodRainX on Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:26 am

Hii<3 I'ma be first HB intro on euphoria forums... :3

Q1 Name: Roderik de Waard
Q2 Age: 16
Q3 Male/Female: Male ofc<3
Q4 Where are you from: Alkmaar, a small town in the netherlands :3 come visit me
Q5 Eye-colour: Brown
Q6 Hair-colour: Black
Q7 Your job/School-class: 5th grade high school
Q8 Hobbies: kitesurfing, fitnessing, getting drunk<3

~ Have you ever/ Do you have... ~

Q1 Been drunk?: Sortof....
Q2 Broke yourself some bones?: luckily, no
Q3 A Girl/Boyfriend?: not atm
Q4 Cheated in tests?: yes

~ What's your favorite... ~

Q1 Thing to eat: Italian food<3 (pizza, lasagna)
Q2 Thing to drink: Tequilla... And something non alcoholic would be Coca-Cola Vanille
Q3 Colour: Ehm... Blue
Q4 Animal: Tiger
Q5 Sport: kitesurfing!
Q6 Game: Oblivion, Maplestory, Diablo II
Q7 Smell: Uhm... Smell of good food!
Q8 School Subject: The in between breaks.
Q9 Band/Group: Don't Really have one~
Q10 Song: ^ that
Q11 Book/Comic: Eragon Quadrilogy/Naruto manga
Q12 Cartoon: Shin Shan!
Q13 Film: Resident Evil
Q14 Word: Jew

~ When you see/hear/read the following words, what comes into your mind ~

Q1 Sex: I like it.
Q2 Pokemon: Good times.. Good times..
Q3 Girls: Hawt :3
Q4 Boys: Don't look at me.
Q5 Black: Nightynight
Q6 Santa Clause: Holidays
Q7 Cookie: gimme
Q8 Money: Nice to have
Q9 Poo: ew

~ Some random questions ~

Q1 The Most terrible feeling: heart broken
Q2 First thought in the morning: lemme sleep..
Q3 How long does your phone ring before you get to it?: 5 seconds~
Q4 Do you sleep with your Stuffed Animal?: It's lying next to my cushion
Q5 What are you wearing in bed?: boxers
Q6 What colour would you have if you were a chalk?: orange
Q7 If you see a person of the opposite gender~ what are you looking at?: eyes
Q8 Something you definetly want to do in your life: Get so drunk I think it's the day before when I wake up
Q9 What will you do after this?: Answer someone at whats app after keeping them waitin for some time now.

Hope you had fun reading it ^^ <3


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