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Post  luz1001 on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:21 am

* Name/Nickname: Jeonghyun Park
* Age:16
* Country:I borned at Korea but now im living in Barcelona

* Character name:MajaJin
* Level:Currently 145 im lvling twice a day or daily
* Class:ArchMage(Ice Lightning)
* Do you have any alts/mules:Well i got a Evan that is lvl163 and more but i dont play is only mules for save my weapons or mastery books...
* List all of your previous guilds:Tronos,1guild that i didnt remember and Exiles.the Jr Master of Tronos expelled me and i dont know and other guild I dont know and now im in exiles but i want to left exiles because this guild and union is soooooo bad so i wanted a nice and friendly guild or union.

* Do you know any one from Euphoria:nope f4

* What is your reason for being in a guild:To get fun and be friendly i want a guild that is friendly
* What are your goals in MapleStory:Be lvl200 and get funny and to get nice equips.

* Have you read and do you understand the Guild Rules:yes i readed and i understand Im very good person and im friendly

* Tell us more about yourself and why you wanna join Euphoria:Well i live in Barcelona and my hobbies are playing a football and playing video games... I play PS3 and PSP and my favourite game is MAPLESTORY!!!.And i HATE STUDYING xD...And Im very friendly and i can help peoples if I got time.Now Im finished TY

* What type of music do you listen to?Well I dont listen musics....But i like RAP
* What other kinds of games do you like?Action games and games like Gran turismos or GTA
.Hmmmmm im sorry but i was looking for friendly and nice guild i know that euphoria is good too so im doing this app again because i want to joiin euphoria ty and sryyy.


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Re: Euphoria!!!

Post  XBloodRainX on Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:52 am

I don't believe you're getting the point.. xD well gl with this smatt :<

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